New education session: Mentorship—Do You Have What it Takes?

New education session: Mentorship—Do You Have What it Takes?

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The MBNU chapter is pleased to present a mentorship education session, available in the professional development area of the learning centre and worth 0.5 CPE credits.

Mentorship can be a valuable and rewarding component of success in any career—both for the mentor and the mentee. Facilitated by certified HIM professional Eileen Oleski, this education session outlines the various aspects of mentorship and offers guidance for using it to enhance your career. It covers the roles and skills involved in mentorship, the different modes of listening, and why some mentorship situations succeed while others fail. After the session, you’ll understand how to be an active listening and how to more effectively share your knowledge.

About the facilitator
Eileen Oleski is a retired certified HIM professional. Throughout her career she held roles including coder, data analyst, manager, and consultant. She spent the final 11 years as an educator and HIM program coordinator at Red River College, where she was able to provide the most mentoring of her career.

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