Career series

Career series

Series overview

Part I: Getting unstuck to reach your career goals: Positive career intelligence

Tim Gallwey summed up that, ‘Our Performance = Our Potential – Interference.’ Described as ‘inner critics’ or ‘saboteurs,’ interference lies primarily between our ears. These inner critics or saboteurs show up in a range of ways, including but not limited to perfectionism, overachievement, excessive control, anxiety, trying to please others, avoiding problems, and finally, being judgmental of ourselves and others. This session will help you gain clarity on the saboteurs that may be impacting your career. It’s dedicated time to get unstuck and begin reaching your career goals.

Pre-work: Complete the complimentary Saboteur Online Assessment

Learning objectives:

  • Decode your Saboteur Online Assessment to understand how saboteurs influence you
  • Increase your awareness of how your top saboteurs are impacting your career
  • Connect with others with similar saboteurs and develop strategies to manage them

Part II: The career paradox: Planning for serendipity

When we try to figure out how to ensure career success, the process inevitably backfires. But, why? We will share stories of successful health information professionals and uncover what they have in common in this session. While some factors for career success include luck, we will discover the critical steps for managing your career so that you can maximize your opportunities when they arise.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the factors that influence career success
  • Reflect on your career success factors
  • Identify actions to support effectively managing your career

Part III: Your personal brand in action 

Celebrities have teams of people to help them manage their brands and stand out from the crowd—but what about you?  Could you, or do you, have a personal brand that can set you apart? In this session, we will explore critical ways that others experience your brand, and ways for you to actively manage your brand both in-person and online. 

Pre-work: Have your personal LinkedIn profile URL ready to share

Learning objectives:

  • Explore the fundamentals of a personal brand
  • Identify the keywords and attributes you wish to have associated with you
  • Connect with others to give and receive feedback on your personal brand on and offline

Part IV: Constructive career conversations with your manager

Let’s face it; many of us have had conversations with our manager at some point about our career that didn’t leave us feeling great or move us forward in our desired direction. Yet, gaining your manager’s support for your career growth is key to your development within an organization. 

In this session, we will help you overcome these challenges and provide you with a framework to support you in having quick, effective, and rewarding career conversations with your manager.  

Learning objectives:

  • Understand typical pitfalls and challenges in career conversations
  • Learn a framework to support you in having effective career discussions
  • Prepare and practice for having an effective career conversation 

Part V: Get-it-done career hour

You have ideas on how to help your career along, but you can’t seem to find the time to turn them into reality. Sound familiar? In this session, we will help you overcome procrastination, resistance, and perfectionism by supporting you in having a working session to get that career stuff done— finally! Whether it’s updating your LinkedIn profile, tweaking your resume, or reaching out to your network, this session will help you get it done.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand your barriers to getting your career work done
  • Effectively plan for making time to work on your career, not just getting your job done
  • Complete a task of your choosing during the session


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Learn from series facilitator and leadership coach, Ranya Elan.

Ranya Elan is a leadership coach and consultant who has supported leaders and teams with key leadership, communication, and career challenges for over 15 years.  

She believes in the power of relationships and helps leaders build strong working relationships by learning to communicate clearly, authentically, and strategically. The result is enhanced relationships both in and outside of work, as well as improved performance. She is frequently called upon to support leaders in developing a coaching mindset and employing coaching skills to drive team engagement and high performance.  

Ranya has worked with leaders across numerous industries, including financial services, professional services, tech, education, manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical, not-for-profit, and government. Her clients describe her as having a balance of humour, wisdom, and practicality. As a leadership coach, her passion is in helping leaders overcome overwhelm and develop the impact they desire.

Ranya has completed a Master’s and Bachelor of Education at the University of Toronto/O.I.S.E.  She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from McMaster University. She is multi-lingual and is a qualified Birkman consultant as well as an MBTI practitioner. Through the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), she completed coach training and the organization’s intensive ten-month Leadership Program. She now serves as a faculty member at the organization. She has also trained in organization, relationship and systems coaching and is a professional certified coach through the International Coaching Federation. Most recently, she served as a judge for the International Coaching Federation of Toronto’s Prism Awards to recognize organizations that use coaching to yield measurable business results.

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