Career matrix

Career matrix


IN 2012 CHIMA published the report, “Transforming Health Information Management: The Evolution of the HIM Profession”. Within the Transforming HIM document was an initial roadmap for HIM professionals to consider the many competency areas within the HIM profession. In 2014, CHIMA started the development of a Career Matrix to assist HIM students and HIM Professionals in mapping their careers.

The HIM career matrix was created to:

  • support a common language to describe the seven core competency areas in which HIM professionals can work;
  • describe new and evolving roles in HIM;
  • provide information on advanced career options available within the profession; and
  • reach consensus on the common functions performed by HIM professionals.

How to Use this

We are proud to announce that we are ready to launch Phase I of the Career Matrix product. Phase I includes the matrix foundation and framework, albeit limited interaction. Noting that future phases of development is intended to be a much more interactive experience for the end user. The decision to launch the product is intentional, in that we wanted to learn and gauge from the responses to the product throughout its development to strive to achieve a final product that best suits your needs and ultimately your expectations. The matrix below has the HIM Core Competencies across the top and the levels of education and work experience (Entry to Master levels) along the left axis. Several of the roles listed in the matrix also have a hyperlink component to allow you to view the job description for that role. Keeping in mind that the product is still under development and will continue to evolve over time.

HIM Core Competency
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Education / Experience Level

Data Quality / Records Management Privacy & Security HIM Standards HI / HIM Education Health Information Analytics & Research Information Governance (IG) Business Intelligence & Sustainability


10+ years higher level health executive leadership and HIM experience. Masters degree is required for most roles and PhD required for education and research roles. CCHIM certification is an asset. Additional certifications as required and specific to the competency
Vice President, HIM Chief Privacy Officer Director, Terminology Standards Dean or Assistant Dean Vice President, Population Health & Research Chief Information Governance Officer Chief Financial Officer
Chief Information Officer Director, Information Stewardship, Access, and Privacy Director, Provincial HIM Standards Professor, HIM or Health Informatics Vice President, Analytics & Informatics   Corporate Director, Planning & Quality
Vice President, Information Services / Information Technology   Senior Director, Clinical Information Systems   Vice President, Research & Analysis   Director of Business Intelligence & Patient Flow
            Director, Risk Management
            Senior Manager (MoH), Enhancing Health Services
            Director, Strategic Planning, Measurement, & Evaluation


7+ years experience in higher level HIM and health experience. Masters degree is preferred, in some positions it is a requirement. CCHIM certification is a requirement in some positions and a requirement in others. Additonal certifications may be required.
Director, Health Information Management / Health Information Services Manager, Privacy & Security / Privacy & Risk / Access & Disclosure Lead, Data Exchange Standards Program Coordinator, HIM Senior Policy Analyst IMG Liaison Director, Health Funding
Chief Quality Officer Senior Specialist, Information Audit and Stewardship Manager, Health Information Standards   Director, Population Health IM Standards Specialist Senior Business Analyst
Director, Clinical Documentation Improvement   Clinical Terminology Standards Specialist   Lead, Decision Support   Senior Decision Support Advisor
Registry Manager       Director, Health Analytics   Manager, Corporate Planning and Administration
Senior Specialist Clinical Informatics / Senior Information Management Advisor       Senior Methodologist / Researcher, Health Systems Performance   Director, Risk & Outcomes
Director, Coding & Health Informatics       Director, Data Integrity   Manager, Knowledge Translation & Policy
Provincial Lead, Cancer Registry           Executive Coordinator, Information Flow & Strategic Decisions
            Project Manager, Clinical Site Readiness


3+ – 7 years HIM experience. Bachelor’s degree or diploma are the minimum educational requirements, Masters degree would be an asset. CCHIM certification is mandatory in most positions and an asset in others. Additional certifications may be required
Data Quality / Community Care Records Manager HIM Privacy Officer Content Management Specialist HIM Instructor Program Lead, Health Analytics Information Management Auditor Business System Analyst
Cancer Registry Data Quality Specialist Information Access & Privacy Coordinator Information Officer, Reference Sets Manager eLearning Curriculum & Training Decision Support Analyst Information Management Policy Analyst Process Improvement Specialist / Manager
Site Manager, Cancer Registry Privacy Specialist Senior Standards Analyst Curriculum Developer / Instructional Designer Population Health Analyst Information / Data Steward Manager, Clinical Care
Cancer Registry Coordinator   Clinical Standards Specialist, Terminology HIM Coding Trainer Coordinator Business Systems Analyst Information Standards Specialist Transition & Change Management Lead
Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist   Lead, eHealth   Information Management Analyst   Risk Analyst
Clinical Data Specialist   Terminology Specialist   Information Display Systems (IDS) Information Controller   Cancer Registry Business Specialist
Health Data Administrator   Terminology Technical Specialist   Data Integrity Specialist   Business Intelligence Analyst
Health Records Coordinator / Manager       Supervisor, Data Integrity   Case Costing Specialist
Health Information Management Compliance Officer / Specialist       Quality and Patient Safety Advisor   Manager, Decision Support & Wait Times
Coding and Standards Manager           Implementation Coordinator
Records & Registration Manager           Quality Improvement & Decision Support Specialist
Clinical eForm Coordinator           Senior Health Information Analyst
Coding Specialist           Clinical Reporting Consultant


0 – 3 years HIM work-related experience. Bachelor’s degree or diploma are required. CCHIM certification is mandatory in most positions and an asset in some
Data Resource Administrator Privacy Analyst Help Desk Coordinator Training Assistant Health Policy Analyst Information Governance Analyst Junior Business Analyst
Health Records Specialist / Chart Management Specialist Release of Information Analyst/Auditor Integration Analyst Trainer Research Assistant   Health Information Analyst (Junior)
Registry Unit Analyst   Testing Analyst   Policy & Procedure Development Assistant   Evaluation and Measurement Analyst
Junior Coder       Research Assistant, Clinical Trials    
Cancer Registrar       Health Records Abstractor, Research    
        Junior Data Analyst