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The Manitoba and Nunavut (MBNU) chapter committee is a passionate and dedicated team of health information management (HIM) professionals who bring a number of assets to the table: leadership, data integrity, education, coding and analytics, and more.

Our personal and professional expertise has been developed in a variety of settings, including tertiary and community hospitals, digital health, cancer care MB, and post-secondary education bodies, bringing a well-rounded perspective to growing both the chapter and the HIM profession.

The chapter is one of eight across the country. It’s led by a chapter committee consisting of volunteer members, including HIM professionals holding a professional designation from the Canadian College of Health Information Management.

Since 2018–19, the MBNU chapter committee has grown from a couple of volunteers to a full roster, including student members. We have hosted two in-person education days and released free CPE activities for members across Canada. 

With a full committee, the future looks bright and exciting! We hope to create guidelines and chapter-specific procedures to help future committee members take the reins and keep the momentum going. We hope to create sub-committees that will focus on special projects and interests of the MBNU members.

Even though we are a full committee, interested volunteers are welcome to join us on sub-committees. Reach out to us if you have any ideas or suggestions for our chapter, as we hope to create a network across the province of Manitoba and the Nunavut territory. 

Chapter committee

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Frequently asked questions

We meet once a month by teleconference using our online platform—all you need is a computer and internet connection. We try to meet once or twice per year in person as needed for planning education days. Our regular meetings take place on the third Thursday of each month from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm (CST). We defer one monthly meeting in the summer.

The chair conducts the monthly meetings with the chapter committee and attends monthly meetings with the Chapter Advisory Council. The co-chair acts as the back-up for the chair if they are unable to attend these meetings.

The secretary and treasurer roles are combined; however, for MBNU, we have split the role. The secretary takes minutes and the treasurer reviews our quarterly financial statements.

The remaining members are members at large who have voting rights. The student members do not have voting rights but are able to attend meetings to learn how the chapter committee works, participate in activities, and learn the various roles of committees to take into their professional lives. Sub-committees are composed of volunteers who do not wish to take part in committee meetings but who have an interest in contributing to education, networking, or special projects.

The expectation is that all meetings are attended unless circumstances do not allow for it. Attending monthly helps to keep the volunteers motivated and engaged. If we do not meet quorum, it is difficult to make decisions and brainstorm effectively. The committees members are expected to review minutes circulated before the meetings, bring their ideas forward, and complete assigned tasks by deadlines.

Each term is three years, including the chair. The option to stay on for a second term is available to the chair if there are no nominations. A term begins at the beginning of the Association’s fiscal year, March 1, but you are welcome to join at any time.

The answers to the questions in the application form help us understand how you would be an asset to the committee. It also helps us understand why you want to volunteer your time. Sometimes it can be difficult to juggle volunteering with work and personal lives, and when we plan events it can be a busy time.

Volunteering is a rewarding experience as there is always something new to learn, always another connection to make—and giving back just feels good! Whether you want to learn how to conduct a meeting, how to prepare minutes, read financial statements, or just connect with other HIM professionals, volunteering can meet all those needs. Association staff and the volunteers are a humorous group that tends to keep things light and moving in a positive direction.

Leadership recruitment, education, mentoring, publications, and networking are some ideas. Any particular interest is something we can support and encourage.

Please reach out to contact or volunteer by using the buttons at the top of this page.