Provider-to-patient communications using instant messaging and texting

Provider-to-patient communications using instant messaging and texting

Annick Arrand, CHIM

Instant messaging (IM) and texting are easy ways to communicate in the digital age—and while they can improve patient care and patient engagement with providers, they can also raise unique challenges with respect to patient privacy and confidentiality.

CHIMA worked with Annick Arrand, CHIM, to create a video to support professional practice brief 0047: The Use of New Technologies (IM/texting) in Supporting Provider-Patient Communications.

In PPB 0047, you will find examples of IM/texting applications used in healthcare, a sample consent document, and a sample texting policy for organizations to adopt and adapt.

There is also an associated PPB quiz where professional members can earn 1 CPE credit if they achieve 80% or higher.

If your organization has any additional resources pertaining to provider-to-patient communications using instant messaging and texting please email [email protected]. Please ensure permission has been granted to share any documents for publication.

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