Health Information Management Workforce Transformation:
New Roles, New Skills and Experiences in Canada

by Candace J. Gibson, PhD, CHIM; Kelly J. Abrams, MPA, CHIM; and Gail F. Crook, CHE, CHIM


Healthcare in Canada is undergoing significant transformation and change at regional, provincial, and national levels to better utilize scarce health resources to provide safe, high-quality care at lower cost. The electronic health record (EHR) is being introduced as an innovation and enabler in achieving reduced healthcare costs and improved patient care. Numerous studies and reports have described the advantages of the EHR; however, little attention has been paid to the human and fiscal resources necessary to implement and effectively manage the EHR. As Canadian health settings move from paper to electronic health records, the role of health information management (HIM) professionals needs to correspondingly change to meet the demands of an increasingly digital workplace.

The full article is available at AHIMA’s online, scholarly, open-access research journal, Perspectives in Health Information Management.