Advancing Health Information Management: Lisa McKenzie’s Impact and Vision

Advancing Health Information Management: Lisa McKenzie’s Impact and Vision

“The mission and vision of the Canadian College of Health Information Management is to ensure public trust in health information with industry-endorsed standards and certifications. The college aims to improve health data literacy and support the health system with knowledgeable professionals who can effectively manage and interpret health data.” – Lisa McKenzie.

Introducing Lisa McKenzie, the newly appointed Director at the Canadian College of Health Information Management. In her role, Lisa is dedicated to advocating for and promoting the importance and value of Health Information Management. She aims to ensure that the profession is recognized for its crucial role in the health care system and that the education and training provided by the college adequately prepare professionals for future challenges and opportunities in the field.

“Health Information Management is critical to the health sector. That is why I have always been very passionate about advocating for the profession. I think it’s essential for everyone in health to understand that it’s not just people with paper records in the basement as it once was. HIMs are a very talented group that can help with some of the problems we see in the health system if they are only asked or invited to the table.”

Lisa’s transition into Health Information Management occurred later in her career. Since then, she has held progressive roles, starting from managing health information at Eastern Health in Newfoundland and Labrador to eventually becoming the Director of Health Information Standards and Quality at Newfoundland and Labrador Health Services. These positions have greatly influenced her perspective as a leader.

Lisa’s dedication to redefining HIM and her advocacy for the value of data in health care decision-making is truly inspiring. Initially drawn to the HIM course at a local college, Lisa discovered her passion for working with data and spreadsheets.

“From day one, I knew this field was for me, and I wanted to become more involved in it.”

As Lisa assumes the Director role at the Canadian College of Health Information Management, her focus remains clear: leading change, improving patient care, and influencing health policy. Lisa McKenzie views the college’s new standards and micro-credentials as transformative initiatives.

“These changes are pivotal in advancing the health information management profession by allowing professionals to acquire specific, relevant skills that meet the evolving needs of the health care sector. Overall, it provides opportunities for more inclusive and flexible education pathways.”

Lisa’s enthusiasm for her work and her vision for the future of health information management, such as transitioning towards micro-credentialing and stackable versus block learning, results in more accessible and flexible education options. Her vision aligns with the evolving demands of the workforce and underscores the necessity for continuous skill development in the digital age.

Lisa envisions the future of health information management as integral to Canada’s evolving health care systems. She anticipates that the field will continue to grow in importance, driven by digital transformation and the increasing recognition of data’s role in enhancing health care outcomes and efficiency. Her advice for those entering the profession emphasizes the importance of passion for the field, readiness to embrace change and opportunities, and the significance of continuous learning and adaptation to new technologies and standards in health information management.

“Some people don’t like change, but I figure change is going to happen with or without you, so you might as well be on board, and that way, you can help steer the ship.”

Lisa aspires to leave a legacy of strengthened understanding and acknowledgment of health information management’s role in health care. She hopes the profession will continue to evolve, focusing on enhancing data literacy and interoperability, ensuring quality education and training, and promoting the importance of health information management in supporting effective health care delivery.

The appointment of Lisa McKenzie as the Director at the Canadian College of Health Information Management marks a pivotal moment for the field of Health Information Management in Canada. Her passion for the profession, coupled with her wealth of experience and forward-thinking approach, signifies a vital realization: Health Information Management and the dedicated professionals who choose this path are indispensable for ensuring effective and efficient health care delivery across Canada.


Lisa McKenzie is an accomplished Certified Health Information Management (HIM) professional with over fifteen years of leadership experience in Newfoundland and Labrador’s health system. Throughout her career, Lisa has played a pivotal role in advancing HIM standards and practices at both the provincial and national levels. Lisa has contributed significantly to the field through her advisory roles with prominent organizations like the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), Canada Health Infoway, and the Digital Governance Standards Institute.

Known for her passionate leadership, Lisa is a staunch advocate for the vital role certified health information professionals play in enhancing the quality and efficiency of health care delivery across Canada.

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