CHIMA’s Medical Coding Collaborative

CHIMA’s Medical Coding Collaborative

Medical coding is a critical part of the health information profession and the health care experience of all Canadians. CHIMA and the Canadian College of Health Information Management are dedicated to advancing the coding practice through collaboration, advocacy, and innovation.

To support this work, CHIMA has assembled the CHIMA Medical Coding Collaborative. The Collaborative will provide CHIMA and the College with insights and perspectives that can be actioned to advance the coding practice. The Collaborative is responsible for engaging CHIMA’s Medical Coding Community to facilitate and inspire important conversations and encourage member involvement.

The advancement of the coding practice in health information requires our professional community to come together. The CHIMA Medical Coding Collaborative is an integral part of this joined effort to move the medical coding practice in Canada forward.

Thank you to CHIMA’s Coding Collaborative
Chair: Nancy Seers, CHIM
Libby General, CHIM
Lisa McKenzie, CHIM, CIPP/C
LeeAnn Carr, CHIM
Betty Brown, CHIM

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