Resignation Announcement - Posted August 17th, 2018

It is with mixed emotions that we announced the departure of Dr. Kelly Abrams, from CHIMA. Kelly’s last day with CHIMA was on Friday, August 17, 2018.  This is a great loss for us, but we can only respect her decision and wish her the very best.

Since joining CHIMA in 2005, as the Vice President of the College portfolio, Kelly was a valuable member of our team. Her contribution was essential to our success, significant growth and evolution of the College and CHIMA overall, which we very much appreciate. Her colleagues, and the CHIMA Board of Directors and staff and members recognize her expertise, knowledge, commitment, professionalism, and dedication to CHIMA, specifically the College and the HIM profession. Her relentless advocacy of CHIMA and the HIM profession significantly contributed to the many successes accomplished during her tenure.  Kelly will be deeply missed. 

On behalf of CHIMA Board of Directors, Staff, the Council on Education and Certification, and the membership, we want to acknowledge her efforts and contributions, and most of all thank her for the years of contribution and to wish her the very best of success in her future endeavours.

Interim Strategy:  

As an interim strategy, in addition to utilizing our CHIMA Team members to seamlessly continue the important role and work of the College, we will be utilizing CHIMA and College subject matter experts to act as executive advisors to assist us with advancing our strategic goals and directions and to ensure continuity. The following certified HIM professionals have agreed to assist us over the next few months as executive advisors in relation to the work of the College.

  • Shirley Learmonth, CHIM
  • Margaret Penchoff, CHIM
  • Dr. Candace Gibson, CHIM

We wish to extend our gratitude to these individuals for agreeing to assist us in this capacity. We look forward to leveraging their knowledge and expertise in a committed effort to make the transition a success.

Lastly, to increase due diligence and exam control, exam results are now overseen directly by the CCHIM Registrar and two credentialed HIM professionals.