Message from Jeff Nesbitt, CEO & Registrar, CHIMA

At CHIMA, we’re proud to represent more than 5,000 Health Information Management professionals. Our members work tirelessly to tell the health stories of Canadians. Over the last few months I’ve traveled and engaged with members and stakeholders across our country, talking to members from coast to coast to coast.

In these conversations, what I’ve heard is that you are looking for more from us. You’d like to see more engagement, more opportunities for advancement, and more recognition of the profession and of the individuals in it.

As a national association, the certifying body for the Health Information Management (HIM®) profession, and an advocate for HIM® across Canada, we are excited about what you are asking of CHIMA and the new path that our strategic plan charts. This path positions CHIMA in a unique place as a connector and catalyst between industry and talent, building on our culture of leadership and innovation.

The HIM® profession is ever-evolving, but one thing remains constant: its importance in the Canadian health care system. I encourage you to watch this video, where I discuss the HIM® profession as we begin to reshape the conversation around its value relative to the lives of Canadians

Transitions like this can be challenging, and I’ve spent the past few months engaged in consultations to understand why CHIMA needs to transform and how our strategic plan will help us move forward together.  These aspirational elements need to be matched within the operations of CHIMA.  We are creating the space to allow for new investments in capabilities such as marketing and industry engagement.  These changes will enable more effective processes and project delivery and allow us to re-position CHIMA in the market to make a greater difference to advance the HIM® profession.

As we transition to these new structures, I want to reinforce that we are grateful to our volunteers, staff, and stakeholders for leaning in and engaging with CHIMA during this time of change.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself and our CHIMA team.  


Welcome Message from CEO Jeff Nesbitt

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