Helping Manitobans access their negative COVID-19 test results with Shared Health COVID-19 Online Results Display (SH-CORD)

Helping Manitobans access their negative COVID-19 test results with Shared Health COVID-19 Online Results Display (SH-CORD)

By: Laura Krawec, CHIM
MBNU chapter

Health information management professionals and CHIMA members from the MBNU chapter are helping Manitobans gain access to their negative COVID-19 test results in a novel way not often seen before in this province. After being tested for COVID-19, residents with a Manitoba health card can create an account on the new Shared Health COVID-19 Online Results Display (SH-CORD). When their COVID-19 lab test results in a negative, those results will be securely displayed to the user.

This new online tool drastically reduces the time for health care professionals to convey test results, as all results were previously provided by phone. Now, Manitobans who need this information to return to work and for peace of mind, among many other reasons, will have direct and timely access to their negative results. This tool is being used to support the communication efforts for positive results, which continue to be delivered by phone, and allow more time for these important conversations and results to be provided.

Users are simply required to create an account using the information as it appears on their health card, as well as a unique username and password. Account confirmations are emailed to the creator for a secure log in. The negative lab result will be displayed to the user account, validated with the demographic information input, highlighting the importance of accuracy in each and every registration performed in Manitoba. Users will have access to the negative result only; there is no access to test reports or other laboratory information.

Graduates of the HIM program have been involved in the implementation and ongoing support to keep this tool up and running 24/7 in support of the fight against COVID-19. We have been directly involved with extensive testing, analysis, report development, procedural development, and training, as well as customer support. The future is here for providing patients direct access to their own health information and health information professionals have an opportunity to be front and centre. With our unique understanding of how technology supports the health care system and knowledge of driving business standards like PHIA, the impact of the voices of these professionals are paramount to the success of these types of initiatives.

To learn more, view the online tool or read the frequently asked questions.

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