Call for nominations: Join the board of directors

Call for nominations: Join the board of directors

The Canadian College of Health Information Management and CHIMA (Canada’s health information management association) Board of Directors are pleased to announce the call for nominations to join the board of directors.

In line with good governance, new directors are periodically nominated to refresh the Organization’s governance with new ideas and experiences. Therefore, the Board Nominations Committee is seeking nominations of qualified candidates to join this dynamic group of leaders to shape the health information profession nationally.

Health information is increasingly impacting Canadians’ lives within the health sector and beyond, and a renewed energy in the profession has positively affected the momentum of the College and Association. This is an excellent time for individuals to join our board as we strive to meet industry needs, strengthen our diversity initiatives, and transition to our new strategic plan.


As a national, member-based organization, our goal is to ensure that the board of directors includes diverse members with experience in all regions of the country. While geography is one element of the diversity selection criteria, other factors are considered. A skills matrix is used to map the directors’ skills and attributes. It considers several categories, including values, representation, education, experience, and knowledge in areas such as finance, organizational governance, industry, strategy development, law, and human resources. This is crucial as we aim to ensure that the right people are around the table to represent our members’ views across Canada and inform our path forward.

Strategic governance

The board of directors provides strategic leadership, establishes policy, and oversees the Organization’s operations and financial performance. The current board, composed of 12 directors, has developed and revealed the new five-year strategic plan for the Association and the College. This plan has inspired and energized the Organization to deliver on its commitments, and we remain fully committed to elevating health information professionals, developing modern academic standards, and supporting professional certification. We are excited about the upcoming advancements in the profession—all designed to take the health information profession to the future.

Applicant requirements

  • Minimum of five years of experience in health information (or a related field), ethics, law, medicine, or research (a health information management education program may be considered as part of this experience)
  • A passion for amplifying the importance of health information in the lives of people
  • A demonstrated positive influencer for CHIMA and the College
  • Participation in lifelong learning and/or professional development opportunities
  • Current with future trends in the health information profession and the Canadian health care system
  • Volunteer participation with an organization
  • Previous professional committee or governance experience

For further information on the requirements for serving on the board of directors, please reference the Board of Directors Applicant Package.

To apply

Please send your resume or LinkedIn profile and expression of interest to [email protected].

We welcome applications to make the profession more recognized and impactful. Participation on the Board is voluntary, and there is no remuneration for service.

The Organization is pan-Canadian with staff, chapters, and board members, from rural and urban landscapes. Recruitment is based on values regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, or sexual orientation. For applicants with disabilities, accommodations will be made available in all aspects of the selection process.

We are proud of our commitment to lead a diverse group of individuals who bring different perspectives, experiences, and ideas to the health information profession.

Patricia Visosky, MSc, Ph.D., CHIM
Chair, Board of Directors

Keith Denny, MLIS, MA, Ph.D.
Vice-Chair, Board of Directors
Chair, Nominations Committee
Chair, Committee of the College

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