Interested in joining the CHIMA Board of Directors? Nominations are now open

Interested in joining the CHIMA Board of Directors? Nominations are now open

The Canadian Health Information Management Association and College Board of Directors is pleased to be opening the director nominations process.

The current board (Board), composed of 10 directors, has charted a bold course through the current strategic plan. Given that some directors’ tenure on the Board is fairly lengthy, the Board is of the view that this nominations process will benefit the organization and the profession as new directors bring ideas, experiences, and stimulate innovation.  

We recognize health systems across Canada are changing and our organization is evolving to meet the needs of the health industry. There is a renewed energy in the profession, and it is positively impacting the momentum of both the Association and College. We are excited about the direction of the organization and feel that now is a great time for individuals to consider joining our Board, particularly as we start to focus on diversity initiatives and strategic plans.

1. Diversity. We are continuing the expansion of geographical and experiential diversity on the Board. As a national organization, the Board needs to reflect different perspectives from across Canada. This director nominations period will create space for new Board members, located in different regions of the country, and ensure there is a strong representation of members’ views from across Canada.

2. Strategic planning. The applicants selected through this director nominations process will be joining the Board at a pivotal time for us; we will be starting to build the next strategic plan for the Association and College in 2020. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping to set up a new direction for the organization and then watching it come to life.

In the last 14 months, the Association and College have had important conversations about the profession. We remain fully committed to the advancements made by our volunteers, our new CEO & Registrar, and our national team. The amount of dedication and care being brought to the organization is exceptional. We are excited about the upcoming HIM 2020 conference, the new online platform, and the continued efforts made by our chapter committees.

Being on the Board not only provides you the opportunity to learn about governance, it also provides you the opportunity to shape our profession at a national level by leveraging your experience and wisdom. This is a key time as we look to diversify, and ensure the right people are around the table that can help inform our next strategic planning process.

For further information on the requirements of serving on the board of directors, please reference the Board of Directors Applicant Package.

To start the nominations process, please send your CV or LinkedIn profile and expression of interest to [email protected]


Leah Anscombe, MA, CHIM
       Monique Rasmussen, CHIM
Chair, Nominations Committee     

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