WatSPEED at the University of Waterloo and CHIMA partner to elevate health information professionals in Canada

WatSPEED at the University of Waterloo and CHIMA partner to elevate health information professionals in Canada

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WatSPEED, the University of Waterloo’s premier provider of professional and executive education, and CHIMA, Canada’s Health Information Management Association are excited to announce a new partnership aimed at increasing the availability of relevant, high-quality professional development and thought leadership for those working with health data. Beginning in October, this partnership will enable CHIMA’s members to access a variety of courses and content from WatSPEED for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.

Elevating the skillset of health data professionals

This includes courses and certificate programs in large language models, digital transformation, data analytics, and leadership. Furthermore, WatSPEED and CHIMA will work together to design curricula that is responsive to the fast-paced advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics within the health sector.

“Certified health information professionals are critical to our communities and country, ensuring health data is used to inform key decisions in policy development, health institutional budgeting, and patient care.” states Jeff Nesbitt, CEO and Registrar of the Canadian College of Health Information Management and CHIMA. “We are proud to partner with WatSPEED to provide highly relevant, quality professional development for our members as they continue their journey in lifelong learning.”

Preparing health data professionals for the future

As data becomes increasingly integral to health care, the role of health data professionals is evolving. The need for expertise in data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital transformation management is growing as health care organizations globally strive to optimize patient care with digital health. “Technology is radically reshaping industries, including health information management,” said Sanjeev Gill, vice-president, innovation at the University of Waterloo and executive director of WatSPEED. “This partnership with CHIMA highlights WatSPEED’s commitment to leveraging our capabilities at the University of Waterloo to ensure that Canada’s healthcare workforce remains agile in the face of new technological developments.”

WatSPEED programming delivered through this new partnership will empower the health information workforce to capitalize on the use of emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning, while opening up new career opportunities for individuals in AI, data analytics, data governance, privacy and security, and interoperability.

Strengthening the Canadian workforce through strategic partnerships

The alliance between WatSPEED and CHIMA reflects more than complementary educational offerings—it embodies a shared vision for the future of professional development in Canada. “The collaboration between WatSPEED and CHIMA is deeply aligned with our respective missions,” said Gill. “It marks our collective dedication to delivering learning and development that will enable Canadian health information management professionals to thrive as emerging technologies disrupt the sector.”

“We are excited to welcome CHIMA  to our family of partners such as the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) and the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPA Ontario) in aligning with WatSPEED, all aiming to fortify a resilient and innovative Canadian workforce through exceptional professional education.” Adds Sanjeev. 

Be on the lookout for future issues of the CHIMA Connection for member preferred rates for professional development from the University of Waterloo | WatSPEED.

About WatSPEED at the University of Waterloo:

In a complex and rapidly evolving world, WatSPEED at the University of Waterloo offers professional and executive education that’s designed to be different. Positioned at the intersection of technology and business and rooted in experiential education, WatSPEED supports the workforce of the future through continuously evolving to outpace major technological, societal, environmental and economic disruption. WatSPEED delivers education that will help professionals rapidly adapt, compete, and thrive through change.

About CHIMA:

The Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA) represents more than 5,600 health information members from coast to coast to coast. It advocates for the health information profession, monitors industry trends, develops and facilitates continuing education, creates networking opportunities, and connects its members with employment opportunities in the health care sector and beyond.

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