The Personal’s relief measures for members

The Personal’s relief measures for members

During these difficult times, The Personal is proud to serve health care and emergency services professionals who look after the health, safety, and well-being of our communities. We would like to express our gratitude and recognize all of the care and work put forward, by offering special relief measures for the members of CHIMA. We understand that this is a challenging period for health care and emergency services workers and that they may be pressed for time to manage daily life responsibilities. The following measures will be in put in place effective April 30, 2020:

  • Priority phone access: Should your members wish to make changes to their insurance policy, obtain a new one or make a claim, an option has been added to our telephone menu so that their calls can be handled in priority sequence.
  • Concierge assistance service free of charge, during the crisis: During the pandemic, we want to simplify your members life through a free 24/7 assistance service. A concierge will be available to help them arrange services such as vehicle maintenance (tire installation and alignment), home and lawn maintenance, etc. They will only have to bear the costs of the services obtained.
  • Free roadside assistance service, during the crisis: Your members can take advantage of fast and efficient support thanks to our roadside assistance service to help them if something goes wrong while on the road, for example: towing, battery boosting, winching (vehicle stuck and needs to be pulled out), fuel delivery, unlocking of doors.
  • Refund on auto insurance premium: Your members may also be eligible for a refund on their auto insurance if one of the vehicles on their policy is being used only for essential trips, such as going to the grocery store or to the pharmacy.

The Personal will be emailing clients to advise them that these services will be made available to them and to direct them to a landing page for more details including how to render the services.


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