CHIMA welcomes Resume Target as a new member-exclusive partner

CHIMA welcomes Resume Target as a new member-exclusive partner

CHIMA is excited to announce a new partnership with Resume Target, a professional resume writing service, which will offer CHIMA members an exclusive offer on valuable services such as resume writing, cover letter support, LinkedIn profile development, and interview coaching.

“A resume needs to communicate your value and how you will apply that into new roles and opportunities,” explains Jake English, Operations Lead. “Sometimes people struggle to articulate this themselves.” This is where Resume Target comes in, offering highly personalized, in-depth support from a professional resume writer. Company co-founder and CEO Amos Tayts continues, “When you can communicate your value with clarity and relevant information, you will receive much more traction in the market.”

For job seekers, this personalized service translates to a resume that clearly articulates skills and experience in a professional way—one that resonates with hiring managers and HR recruiters in the specific industry. As Amos notes, employers have a lot of great talent to choose from right now, and it’s more important than ever to use cover letters and resumes to stand out.

Over the last 20 years, Resume Target has developed a resume writing process fundamental to the success of their clients, matching each client with a dedicated resume writer who is experienced with writing resumes for the client’s industry. “What really sets us apart is the level and quality of work that we can produce,” says Jake. “Each of our clients first spends time with an in-house recruiter via phone or video chat to figure out what they’re trying to accomplish with their resume. Then, our professional resume writers conduct a one-on-one, hour-long interview to extract the value that client has and execute on that resume vision and job search goals. It’s a much more personal and higher level of quality that we operate by.”

The health sector isn’t new for Resume Target, either. Amos shared that he’s been involved in the health care technology space since 2002, working with clients ranging from hospitals to the world’s largest medical device companies. The company has written resumes for many clients in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, and biotech spaces. Health care is an area that Amos and his resume writers know well, and they are well positioned to help CHIMA members with their insider knowledge.

In addition to resume writing services, Resume Target offers personalized LinkedIn profile development services to help clients make the most of the networking platform. “We optimize the client’s profile both on the front-end and back-end,” Jake explains. “For the front end, we ensure it is professionally written, formatted, and put together to make it attractive and easy to navigate for recruiters. For the back end, we help to optimize their profile settings to ensure they show up higher in recruiter searches based on keywords, skills, and job types.” Resume Target also offers a number of resources to help clients use LinkedIn as an effective tool for job searches. “There is much more to it than hitting the ‘easy apply’ button,” he says.

For those who are just looking for tips to refresh their resume, Resume Target has an extensive collection of complimentary resources that will help achieve a higher likelihood of success during a job search.

CHIMA members can find an exclusive Resume Target discount code by signing in to their account, accessing the dashboard area, and navigating to ‘My exclusive offers’.

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