Member Spotlight: Tatiana Lashinker

Member Spotlight: Tatiana Lashinker

Tatiana Lashinker is a Certified Health Information Management (CHIM) professional whose story begins with the harmonious blend of her artistic background and a curiosity for knowledge. Transitioning from the world of music and humanities to the dynamic realm of healthcare technology, Tatiana showcases how her adaptability and desire for lifelong learning created a unique professional path.

Let’s meet Tatiana Lashinker!

Kelly Wilson: Tatiana, it’s a pleasure to have you with us today. When I read your bio, you mentioned that you went from a career focused on education in the arts and humanities to becoming a risk management team lead in the medical device industry. What prompted you to make that significant change, especially moving into healthcare technology?

Tatiana Lashinker: Thank you! It is so exciting, and I’m honored to share my experience and thoughts about health information management and it’s connection with my current role.

I started as a Quality Assurance Analyst, a role I held for about 3.5 years before transitioning into the risk management department.

After immigrating to Canada, my career has been about adapting to the demands of the job market. I leveraged my previous experience in software technology and project management to transition into healthcare. This move aligned with identified needs and has proven successful for me.

Kelly Wilson: What is the most enjoyable aspect of the work that you do on a day-to-day basis?

Tatiana Lashinker: The dynamic nature of my work is what I enjoy the most. It involves constant problem-solving, communication, and collaboration with a cross-functional team to ensure our product is safe and of the highest quality for our customers.

Kelly Wilson: Looking back on your early roles in the arts and then your roles as a Coding Technologist and in quality assurance, how would you say those experiences influenced your approach to your current role in Risk Management?

Tatiana Lashinker: My background in the arts and humanities instilled discipline and dedication. Analytic skills have been fundamental. All these transferable skills are crucial in risk management, aiding in problem-solving and understanding complex data.

Kelly Wilson: Given your extensive background in software quality assurance and now in risk management within the healthcare sector, what do you believe is the industry’s most significant challenge?

Tatiana Lashinker: Staying competitive without compromising quality is the biggest challenge. The fast-paced development of the industry requires us to meet state-of-the-art requirements while ensuring the highest quality.

Kelly Wilson: Professional growth is a continuous theme throughout your career. How do you prioritize your professional development, and what is your next step?

Tatiana Lashinker: My professional development focuses on staying on top of updates, quality, and regulations. I aim to deepen my expertise in quality system regulations for medical devices and regulatory compliance  

Balancing personal and professional goals, such as taking time off to recharge, traveling, and spending time with loved ones, is also crucial. My company supports this balance by encouraging breaks.

Kelly Wilson: Where do you see yourself in five years, and how do you plan to continue contributing to your organization’s goal of a world without the fear of cancer?

Tatiana Lashinker: I aim to excel as a professional in my field, potentially exploring other areas within medical devices. I plan to continue growing professionally, acquiring more certifications, and contributing to projects that improve cancer care treatments.

Kelly Wilson: How does your association with CHIMA benefit your professional and personal development?

Tatiana Lashinker: Being active in CHIMA helps me stay on top of professional trends, standards, and resources. It provides valuable insights into healthcare settings, electronic medical records, and potential solutions in healthcare technology.

In meeting Tatiana, one thing is clear—the merging of art and science has shaped her into the professional she is today. Her journey highlights that diverse experiences can carve out a niche in the healthcare information sector.


Tatiana Lashinker, MA, CHIM, is a Software Risk Manager at Varian Medical Systems Canada Inc. She has effectively supported software projects and overseen post-production activities within the software portfolio.

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