Health data literacy unpacked

Health data literacy unpacked

Data literacy is crucial to health data stewardship, analysis, and decision-making. CHIMA is pleased to present “Health data literacy unpacked,” facilitated by Xiyuan (Siuwin) Wang, CHIM, CHE, MHSc, BHA.

In this session, Siuwin will unpack data literacy, planning for a better health care system with data-driven decisions, and querying with data. A mini-Excel template will be available to assist with learning and understanding concepts for qualitative versus quantitative data.

Siuwin’s expertise is in helping health care organizations realize the full potential of their datasets, aiming to reduce costs and improve efficiency and patient outcomes. In addition to analytics strategies, Siuwin helps organizations to develop analytics frameworks with a balanced scorecard approach, linking strategies to actions with data informing, evidence-based decisions.

This pre-recorded session aligns with one of the recommendations and immediate actions provided in the third report from the Pan-Canadian Health Data Strategy Expert Advisory Group, “Establish a common approach to digital and health data literacy that is grounded in common language and content to increase data capability among all health data users and expand professional standards for critical health data roles.”

CEO and Registrar Jeff Nesbitt had this to say about CHIMA’s efforts to boost health data literacy: “During my work with the EAG, the critical importance of health data literacy in our country became even more apparent. So CHIMA is glad to partner with Siuwin to demonstrate how analytics is an important competency for health information professionals. We hope everyone will take advantage of this opportunity to improve their skills toward the advancement of health care delivery across Canada.”

This session will benefit recent graduates looking to pursue a career in data analytics and intermediate-level professionals interested in sharpening their knowledge of data literacy and engagement skills with decision-makers. Advanced professionals may share this session with colleagues in any of the previous categories and non-members interested in health care. 

This session is now available for purchase. CHIMA members are advised to sign in to view their preferred pricing.

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