Exciting news for students launching in March!

Exciting news for students launching in March!

With a CHIMA student membership ($39.18 annually plus taxes), students will now have read-only access to CHIMA’s job board. This is a great opportunity to see real-world jobs and career pathways in the health information profession.

Additionally, employers can post practicum, placement, and co-op opportunities for students on CHIMA’s job board.

  • Log into your CHIMA account at echima.ca.
  • Visit https://www.echima.ca/careers/.
  • Please also ensure you are subscribed to CHIMA communications through your dashboard (My Account > Email Preferences). We feature high-profile job postings through email.

Eligibility to secure a student membership can be found here: https://www.echima.ca/membership/.

 If you are eligible, the application process is done online through echima.ca.

  • Ensure you are logged into your CHIMA account.
  • Visit https://www.echima.ca/careers/.
  • At the top of the job board, you can search by keyword, location, and job type.

The ‘Apply’ feature has been removed for student members. To activate it, please gain certification.

Employers can view job posting details at https://www.echima.ca/careers/post-a-job/.

To post a practicum, placement, and co-op opportunity, please ensure to specify the job type in the drop-down menu.

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