Upon graduation from a CHIMA-accredited HIM program, graduates may challenge the national certification examination. Candidates who meet advanced standing criteria will be eligible to challenge the national certification examination.

Use of Credential and Professional Title

Upon successful completion of the national certification examination, the designation of CHIM is awarded. The CHIM credential denotes that the individual is certified in Health Information Management. The professional title of the occupation is certified Health Information Management professional or HIM® professional. The credential and professional title are protected entities and must only be used by those certified through CCHIM. HIM® is a registered trademark. 

Certification is the process by which CCHIM grants recognition of competence to an individual. In professions where licensure is not required or available, such as the HIM profession (due to no direct hands on contact with the patient), it is in the interests of the public to ensure that people completing the work within a profession meet certification based on the highest standards in the areas of competency and education.

Neither licensure nor certification is a guarantee of total satisfaction or competency; however CCHIM, as a self-regulating college, monitors the core competencies and professional practice of its members. 

Maintenance of Certification

Maintenance of the CHIM credential requires membership in CHIMA, completion of continuing professional education, and compliance with the CHIMA Code of Ethics.  

Certified HIM Professionals must obtain 36 continuing education credits every three years in order to maintain their certification.

Failure to meet any of these criteria may result in decertification. For information on the mandatory CPE policy, please follow this Link.


If you have been decertified for less than three (3) years, you must meet the following criteria to be eligible for recertification.

  • Provide proof of one (1) HIM Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit accumulation for every month or portion thereof for the period of time of decertification up to the date that CHIMA receives the Recertification Application Form (e.g., if you were decertified in February 2013 and recertify in April 2013, you are required to provide proof of 3 CPE credits);
  • Pay the applicable recertification fee*; and
  • Pay the annual membership fee plus applicable tax.

*Sliding Scale:



<  or = to 1 year


>1 year  = to 2 years


> 2  years to < 3 years


If you have been decertified for equal to or greater than three (3) years, you must meet all three of the following criteria to be eligible for recertification:

  • Successfully re-challenge the national certification examination according to the examination policy, fee structure, and rules. 
  • Pay the recertification fee of $125.00; and
  • Pay the annual membership fee plus applicable tax.

To request recertification documents, please contact Alisha Peto, Coordinator – Special Projects, CPEs, and Re-certification at: Alisha.Peto@echima.ca