A learning health system

A learning health system

Our members have demonstrated a longstanding commitment to continuous learning through the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) policy of the Canadian College of Health Information Management.

We are pleased to highlight the diverse and expanding array of learning opportunities that CHIMA provides to its members. These opportunities, offered directly or through partnerships, aim to support the ongoing development of our members’ skills and knowledge.

As an association member, now is an excellent time to engage in fostering your continued growth and learning. Many of these sessions are included in your membership, and for the over 850 people at 48 organizations on the CHIMA annual team learning subscription, their employers directly support their online learning with free access to additional content.

We know people are showing up! The demand for content related to health information practice continues to grow, with over 10,000 participants in more than 69 events in the past 12 months. Participants consistently rate the content highly, with an average rating of 8.6/10 and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 53, indicating excellent content ratings.

Testimonials from participants include statements such as:

  • “I am so unbelievably impressed with today’s presentations! CHIMA, you rocked today!”
  • “Even though I have been working in predictive analytics for the last 40 years, I heard some new perspectives in today’s one-hour session!
  •  “This was one of the best and most useful presentations I have listened to. Thanks to Chris for a meaningful and well delivered message.”
  • “Now that CHIMA has chapters, there has been a lot of support to help members with continuing education (CPE’s) and I greatly appreciate this and the quality of what is available.”

We frequently receive inquiries on how to earn CPE credits without additional cost, and we are pleased to provide the following educational activities:

  • Participate in the semi-annual meetings across our six communities of practice and eight chapter communities.
  • Join our Ask Me Anything series and watch previous recordings.
  • Engage in a working group to advance the practice of health information or participate in your regional chapter event. Click here to learn more.

We are excited to announce that, through our partnership with CIHI, members can access valuable podcasts, which can be submitted for CPE credit. Any podcast exceeding 45 minutes qualifies for a CPE credit. For additional information, please refer to the CPE program policy.

Explore partner-hosted events on our event page, including last year’s features like the Nova Scotia Informatics Series. Visit our event webpage to stay connected and access information on upcoming events, including our online educational days.

This year marks the return of the Pan-Canadian Conference on Health Information for the first time since 2018. Hosted in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, on October 21-22, 2024, this event offers numerous CPE credits. Find out all the details about this event here!

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Pan-Canadian Health Data Expert Advisory Group – Report Three

Strengthening the health data foundation will require collaboration and considered effort toward a common goal: establishing a learning health system in Canada. In a learning health system, connected data support insights that drive evidence-informed decisions embedded in health programs, services, surveillance programs and care delivery. When harnessed effectively, these insights can lead to continual improvement and better, more equitable outcomes for all.

Source, Public Health Agency of Canada

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