A Health Information Management (HIM) professional has the responsibility to complete continuing professional education (CPE) credits to maintain their professional designation of CHIM (Certified in Health Information Managment).

Professional development (PD) constitutes new learning to maintain professional credentials, as well as to stay current in the rapidly changing landscape of healthcare, information management and information technology, all critical areas for an HIM professional to be in the know. PD can include formal coursework, conferences and online learning and a number of other initiatives. Ideally PD should include an evaluative stage as in the Professional Practice Brief (PPB) modules which incorporate a quiz component to test ones understanding of the PPB. There are a variety of approaches to professional development, and we look forward to expanding our professional development offerings to the membership.

“This is a great idea, as it’s a good way to earn CPE’s and acquaint oneself

with PPB’s that may not otherwise be reviewed as thoroughly on a need to know basis”

JT, CHIM Ontario Chapter

"I allowed my HIM certification to lapse in 2015, and this year I decided it was time to get back into this rewarding profession. I had quite a few CPEs to accumulate to become recertified and having these Professional Practice Briefs (PPBs) available all at once, it allowed me to complete my recertification quickly. Not only was the information concise and informative, but they were available to non-members at a very affordable price. The PPB’s allowed me to re-familiarize myself with many areas of HIM and complete the requirements of recertification!"

Ashley M,, Nova Scotia Chapter