Meetings Mean Business


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The reasons for holding meetings are almost as numerous as the number of hours spent in them. Research shows that the average individual sits through 9,000 hours of meetings in a lifetime — over 365 days — and that organizations spend thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars to make meetings happen. Most people groan at the thought of attending another meeting because meetings are often mismanaged. They get off track, are interrupted, take too much time, have unclear agendas, and lack effective leadership. This course teaches you to get more out of your meetings and increase your confidence to lead people in meetings that really mean business.


This course is part of the Advanced Leadership Certificate.

ABOUT THE ADVANCED LEADERSHIP CERTFICIATE: Modern organizations understand that effective leaders are key to their success, continuous improvement, and longevity. Dynamic leaders have a set of complex skills, requiring a great deal of knowledge. This online certificate program teaches you valuable leadership skills, and uses experiential learning to help you understand leadership best practices. It focuses on the practical aspects of working with people to obtain their maximum commitment to organizational and personal goals.

Complete any four of the following courses to achieve the Advanced Leadership Certificate (courses may be taken in any order).

NOTE: Each course is offered individually, or as part of the Advanced Leadership Certificate. Participants receive a certificate for each individual course they successfully complete, and then a further professional education certificate upon successful completion of the entire Advanced Leadership program.