Medical Coding Education Day 2023 Bundle


Medical Coding Education Day, presented by CHIMA, took place in November 2023. This bundle includes 3 recorded sessions + 1 recorded workshop to watch on demand.

A total of 4.5 CPE credits can be earned if you are a CHIMA professional member.



0238: Medical Coding Entry-to-Practice (E2P) Course: A Douglas-CHIMA Collaboration for Refreshing Coding Skills

The Health Information Management program at Douglas College has offered the Data Classification Refresher Course for several years. Recently, the course underwent a major revision to ensure the curriculum aligned with the recent Canadian Coding Standards from CIHI. The course is fully online and provides students with the opportunity of working with real patient records, navigating documentation to determine conditions and interventions of significance, selecting and assigning the correct code(s) and following all relevant coding conventions.

Patricia Visosky, MHI, PhD, CHIM
Coordinator, HIM Program
Douglas College

Ivanna Smetanska, MPharm, CHIM
Douglas College

0239: Zeroing in on Z-Codes

This education session will focus on the accurate diagnosis code assignment for Z codes for Admission for Observation, Follow-up Examination, Convalescence, and Screening for Specific Diseases. A concise description of each code will be given and the logic and rationale behind code assignment will be demonstrated. Example cases will be provided with interactive polling questions for HIM professionals to test their knowledge. Following completion of the session, attendees will be able to accurately define and contrast the above Z codes and apply logical steps to arrive at the correct diagnosis code assignment.

Catalina Peña, CHIM
Clinical Information Analyst
The Ottawa Hospital

0240: Workshop: Let’s brush up on Alternative Level of Care

Sponsored by: H.I.M ON CALL

We will be reviewing a medical chart and applying the Canadian Coding Standards and ICD-10-CA/CCI. Prior to November 8th, the chart will be distributed to all registrants, and we ask that each registrant code the chart and meet with your coding peers within your organization and come to a general consensus so you are prepared to follow along. The Committee preparing for this session will do the same. Then we will review the variances in the coding together and come to a higher level general consensus. Due to limited time, this chart review will be more focused on the Alternative Level of Care component but all codes will be available for your review to see how you and your team did.

Deb Tetreault, CHIM, RHIT
Regional Assistant Vice President, Coding and Consulting Canada and US

0241: Transitioning from a coder to a coding teacher

This education session will discuss how to successfully transition between working as a coder to educating future coding professionals. The presentation will feature three distinct perspectives: a program coordinator, an experienced coding instructor and an instructor who has recently transitioned to teaching. Their experiences will highlight the skills needed to be an effective educator. The session will conclude with a question and answer period.

Megan Bailey, MSc, CHIM
Professor & Program Coordinator / PhD. Student
St. Lawrence College / University of Victoria

Claire Jamieson, CHIM, CCCS
Centre for Distance Ed/Eastern College

Faryal Hakim, BAHS, CHIM
St. Lawrence College