Emerging privacy management practices in health care series + bonus ROI toolkit & guide


Ensure your health care organization is utilizing modern privacy management practices. Telehealth and virtual care implementation has advanced 10 years in the last 3 months in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The 5-part Emerging Privacy Management Practices in Health Care series covers the critical aspects of implementing modern privacy management practices in your health care organization.

Each module will cover a privacy-related topic area including privacy awareness, release of information (ROI), access and disclosure, security/cybersecurity, and breach management. Environment overviews are shared throughout the series along with new opportunities for health information professionals in both traditional and emerging roles. By keeping current with these trends, health information professionals will be better prepared to assume new roles within privacy management.

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Continuing education credits

Canadian College of Health Information Management  1.5 per module and 0.5 for reviewing the ROI toolkit & guide
Canadian College of Health Leaders members (CHE / Fellow) 4 Category II credits towards maintenance of certification requirement for completing the entire series

This series includes a bonus release of information (ROI) toolkit and guide.

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Learn from series facilitator and industry expert Jean L. Eaton. 

Jean L. Eaton is a Certified Health Information Management (CHIM) professional, and privacy awareness training facilitator.

She has had the honour of sharing her passion for practical privacy and confidentiality advice with hundreds of medical clinics, health care practices, and organizations across Canada and the United States.

Jean has over 20 years of experience in health information management and health care administration and over 15 years in her independent privacy consulting practice. She makes practical recommendations for thousands of independent health care providers to help them comply with privacy legislation and create efficient practices.

Jean is also a keynote speaker on the topic of privacy breach management and serves as an on-demand ‘virtual privacy officer’.

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Who should attend?

This series is suitable for individuals with privacy-related roles (e.g., managers, vendors, or employees) across the continuum of health care (e.g., acute, primary, long-term or community care). Practice areas include:

  • Health information management at all levels
  • Release of information
  • Privacy/security/compliance
  • Information technology
  • Project management
  • Data governance
  • Information sharing


Module Date Time
1. Privacy awareness Recording is now available On demand
2. Release of information Recording is now available On demand
3. Access and disclosure in patient portals, information sharing, and health information exchange environment Recording is now available On demand
4. Security/cybersecurity Recording is now available On demand
5. Privacy breach management Recording is now available On demand


Series overview

Module 1: Privacy awareness

The privacy awareness module will provide an overview of provincial, territorial, and federal legislation and agreements related to health information. The responsibility of privacy awareness training in health care organizations will be discussed, and best practices shared. In this module you will find the following:

  • Learning resources guide
  • Selected privacy laws and key terms by province/territory
  • Privacy legislation summary across Canada
  • Live webinar recording 

Module 2: Release of information

The release of information (ROI) module covers key privacy principles and best practices for documenting ROI in electronic medical records. It includes management and distribution tools, case studies, examples, and a special guest interview with Karen Toovey. Included in this module you will find the following:

  • Learning resources guide
  • Live webinar recording 
  • Karen Toovey’s interview video & transcript

Module 3: Access and disclosure in patient portals, information sharing, and health information exchange environment

The access and disclosure module is in relation to patient portals, information sharing and health information exchange environments. Portal architecture models will be discussed along with their privacy and security considerations (e.g., managing access, encryptions and password resets). An interview with special guest, Carolynne Powe, will be shared as well. Included in this module you will find the following:

  • Learning resources guide
  • LIVE webinar recording
  • Carolynne Powe interview video & transcript

Module 4: Security/cybersecurity

The security/cybersecurity module will explore common types of cyber threats, proactive privacy and security framework and considerations including risk assessments, access controls, audits, and more. Included in this module you will find the following:

  • Learning resources guide
  • Live webinar recording

Module 5: Privacy breach management

The privacy breach management module reviews mandatory reporting requirements and the four essential components of an effective privacy breach incident management plan: spot & stop, investigate, notify/report, and prevent. This is essential information for every HIM professional, whether in traditional roles, compliance, or privacy officer roles. Included in this module you will find the following:

  • Learning resources guide
  • Privacy breach reporting by province/territory
  • Live webinar recording 

Series bonus: ROI toolkit and guide

The goal of the ROI toolkit is to assist health information professionals with implementing recommended practices to appropriately disclose personal health information and meet both privacy legislation and organizational compliance.

When you purchase a full series pass, a bonus ROI toolkit and guide will be included. This toolkit and guide can also be purchased independently.

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