0186 Collaborating to advance connected care in Canada


The availability of patient health information is essential to the delivery of safe, effective health care, and without it, there is an increased burden on patients, clinicians, and the health system.



The Canadian health care system is under increased strain. Health system data doesn’t flow seamlessly across the care continuum — whether care is delivered in person or virtually. Provider and patient access to a comprehensive health record is limited, and information is often not available in a standardized, timely, and comparable way for health system management. As a result, transitions of care can be inconsistent as information does not follow the patient. These gaps in health information can delay care and create safety issues. For clinicians, gaps in health data and availability of standardized data result in time wastage and contribute to burnout. There is also an additional burden placed on the health system as a result of poor information exchange through duplication of tests, unnecessary appointments, and hospitalizations. It is clear that there is a significant need for improved health dataflow to enable seamless and secure access to health information wherever and whenever needed.

In this panel presentation, attendees will learn about Canada Health Infoway’s efforts to collaborate with key stakeholders to better connect care in Canada. Panellists will share their perspectives on the opportunities for a connected health system and will highlight examples of work underway that is already making a difference. Attendees will be invited to actively participate in this session through polling and to share their experiences and ideas on how we can all work together to break down data silos for the benefit of patients, clinicians, and the health system.

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