0129 CancerCare Manitoba and health information: Insights from a clinical trials unit manager


Health information is vital to the work being done within cancer care across Canada. And while many health information professionals work within this space, those outside of it may not be as well-versed on the subtleties within cancer care. CHIMA’s education session—CancerCare Manitoba and health information—invites you to gain valuable insight from a clinical trials unit manager who is keenly aware of these nuances.

Speaking with Qixia (Joyce) Wei, CHIM, Kathryn Dyck, BA, CCRP, shares her experience at CancerCare Manitoba and talks about the value that health information professionals hold: being organized, detail-oriented, enjoying working with data, have an interest in health care, anatomy, and physiology, and value accuracy and precision.


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“Even a wrong blood value [incorrectly recorded] could, over the course of several months, [affect] a patient’s [inclusion] in a trial,” says Kathryn.

She encourages health information professionals to recognize the value of their skills and promote them beyond the obvious places: “My advice would be to think outside the box,” beyond health records departments, she says. “[Seek] areas where you can promote your skills and knowledge in the organizing and interpreting of data—clinical trials [being one of them].”