Senior Methodologist/Researcher, Health Systems Performance

Senior Methodologist/Researcher, Health Systems Performance

Role Title: Senior Methodologist/Researcher, Health Systems Performance

Competency Area: Health Information Analytics & Research

Competency Level: Advanced

Description of Job: 

A Senior Methodologist in Health System Performance is responsible for the technical work that supports health quality initiatives and health care performance reports, including annual reports, theme reports, audits, and feedback reports.  The Senior Methodologist, Health Systems Research, will play an important role in setting the overall direction of the department or program. In particular, the Senior Methodologist leads the development of precise technical specifications for indicators, is familiar with administrative and survey data, works in partnership with the jurisdictions that own these data, assess the validity and reliability of these data, and leads data analyses. 

Job Duties: 

While focusing on the refinement and expansion of expertise on measurement frameworks, performance indicator selection, and health care data sources; the Senior Methodologist will:

  • Maintain evidence and documentation on a subset of quality indicators and their technical specifications currently used by the organization/jurisdiction or those identified for potential future use
  • Catalogue relevant indicators used by other reporting bodies, locally, nationally and internationally 
  • Contribute to a collaborative report writing process for specified reports  
  • Develop relationships with peers and associates across the organization, researchers and representatives of other organizations that measure health system performance to understand health system issues, share information, and resolve issues  
  • Remain current on industry leading practices and emerging issues and trends by building relationships with government and healthcare representatives 

Education and Experience Required:  

  • Master’s Degree in health information management, health informatics, epidemiology, health policy, or a related field
  • A minimum of seven years’ experience in evaluation of health performance indicators as well as clear knowledge of how indicators can be used to measure the quality of a health care system, and what common limitations are encountered
  • CHIM certification is an asset