Release of Information Analyst/Auditor

Release of Information Analyst/Auditor

Role Title: Release of Information Analyst/Auditor

Competency Area: Privacy & Security

Competency Level: Entry/Evolving

Description of Job:

A Release of Information Auditor is a professional who, on behalf of the records management team at a hospital or other healthcare facility, assumes responsibility for the monitoring of documentation to ensure it complies with established standards. She/he will review and prioritize all requests received by the organization for access and/or disclosure of personal health information. This professional position involves frequent interaction with physicians and office support staff on related requests for personal health information, and to ensure consistent and timely processing of access/disclosure requests.

Job Duties: 

  • Complete the day-to-day activities in the Release of Information (ROI) area related to the access and disclosure of personal health information to patients and third parties
  • Advise patients and staff regarding the process for release of personal health information including access, viewing, and release of information to patients and families; release of information to facilitate patient care; release of information for research and clinical trials; and process for correcting personal information and personal health information
  • Ensure compliance with patient requests and ensure that personal health information is only made available for the purposes specified by the patient
  • Complete audits on ROI clerical staff releases 
  • Assess and maintain statistics log

Education and Experience:

  • Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Health Information Management
  • Minimum of one years’ experience working within a healthcare environment
  • Minimum of one years’ experience working with privacy legislation 
  • Minimum of one years’ experience working with health records management
  • CHIM certification