Manager, Security and Privacy/Privacy & Risk/Access & Disclosure

Manager, Security and Privacy/Privacy & Risk/Access & Disclosure

Role Title: Manager, Security and Privacy/Privacy & Risk/Access & Disclosure

Competency Area: Privacy & Security

Competency Level: Advanced

Description of Job: 

The Manager, Security and Privacy, is a professional who provides leadership for privacy, risk management, internal audit and information management. The Manager leads the follow up, investigation and management of critical events (and others as required) to identify risks, make recommendations for mitigation and/or minimization, and initiates the disclosure process. She/he may also fulfill aspects of a Privacy Officer/Information Custodian role as laid out by relevant legislation and regulation. 

Job Duties: 

  • Coordinate the implementation, evaluation, and continuous improvement of risk management within the organization
  • Ensure staff have the knowledge, skills, and tools required, within the available organization resources, to effectively identify and manage risk(s)
  • Educate staff annually and provide orientation sessions to new staff
  • Support the Chief Privacy Officer during investigations into alleged privacy breaches
  • Routinely monitor privacy, security, and confidentiality issues throughout the organization 

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Health Information Management, Health Informatics, Business Administration, or related field; Master’s Degree preferred
  • Minimum of seven years’ experience in risk management and/or privacy 
  • Minimum of five years’ experience in a management role, preferably in the health sector
  • CHIM certification is an asset
  • Certified Information Privacy Professional for Canada (CIPP/C) is an asset