Junior Business Analyst

Junior Business Analyst

Role Title: Junior Business Analyst

Competency Area: Business Intelligence & Sustainability

Competency Level: Entry/Evolving

Description of Job:

The Junior Business Analyst is expected to work closely with internal business stakeholders to perform a detailed and comprehensive range of business and systems analyses. The individual will also be responsible for coordinating and supporting as business planning services to ensure both that the unit or organizational business and technology needs are met.

Job Duties: 

The Junior Business Analyst will be able to:

  • Identify what and why current business processes are followed, and how the business internally needs to adapt to the future processes
  • Interpret and integrate complex business process concepts and literature into user-friendly documentation
  • Develop business process documentation for a variety of audiences
  • Develop functional requirements documents consisting of current and future business system processes; business, functional and user interface requirements
  • Support senior management to improve processes and maximize efficiency

Education and Experience: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Health Information Management, Business, Computer Science, Health Informatics, or related field
  • A diploma in Health Information Management may be considered with evidence of continuing education and related work experience
  • Minimum of one years’ experience working as a business analyst
  • CHIM certification may be a requirement and is definitely an asset