Information Standards Specialist

Information Standards Specialist

Role Title: Information Standards Specialist

Competency Area: Information Governance

Competency Level: Intermediate

Description of Job:

The Information Standards Specialist works to assist the data governance team in the formation and execution of data governance framework, policy, and standards. She/He will assist in the implementation of an enterprise data governance program.  Data governance differs from information governance in that data governance focuses on the policies that are relevant to the organization’s data assets regardless of the business process context.   

Job Duties:

  • Develop control structures within a simple environment to ensure the accuracy and quality of data through all upstream and downstream data channel
  • Develop processes to support the monitoring of data transparency, data lineage, service levels, and data security
  • Determine and report on the change impact to existing and historical data and data processes when a given system change is implemented
  • Maintain data stores (stand-alone and linked) 
  • Ensure that applications have controls in place in order to data integrity
  • Continually monitor data integrity
  • Work with stakeholders to gather and understand functional requirements, develop complex queries and provide reports

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree or diploma in Health Information Management, Business, or related field; Master’s Degree preferred
  • Minimum three years’ experience with data analysis and quality assurance
  • Must also be proficient in SQL and Excel VBA
  • CHIM certification