Information Governance Analyst

Information Governance Analyst

Role Title: Information Governance Analyst

Competency Area: Information Governance

Competency Level: Entry/Evolving 

Description of Job: 

An Information Governance Analyst is a professional who develops and coordinates policy to support information management governance strategies across a healthcare organization.  She/he will continually gather and evaluate data in order to influence policy development.

Job Duties:

The Information Governance Analyst will:

  • Monitor health regulations and legislation to support organizational information management governance policy development
  • Evaluate organizational workflow processes that to ensure these support information management governance policy 
  • Collaborate with the Senior Executive Team to improve information governance within the organization
  • Contribute to policy and procedure development in order to support implementation, evaluation, and fit for use of information governance standards within the healthcare organization 
  • Provide insight into information standards and educate unit staff and other professionals regarding the role and importance of information management governance standards

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree/Diploma in Health Information Management, Health Informatics, or related field 
  • Minimum of one years’ experience working within a healthcare organization
  • Minimum of one years’ experience working in information governance 
  • CHIM certification