Corporate Director, Planning & Quality

Corporate Director, Planning & Quality

Role Title: Corporate Director, Planning & Quality

Competency Area: Business Intelligence & Sustainability

Competency Level: Master

Description of Job:

The Corporate Director works closely with the Senior Executive Team to establish and execute operational and quality and patient safety priorities that support achievement of the strategic plan. The Corporate Director oversees functions include planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of strategic and operational plans taking into account legislative and funding requirements. She/he also provides leadership to mature the culture of quality, improve outcomes and achieve operational efficiencies to successfully achieve organizational priorities.  

Job Duties: 

  • Provide support of planning, performance management, and research for the development of the strategic and operating plan 
  • Provide leadership to highly complex inter-departmental initiatives including planning to evaluation  
  • Provide support to Senior Executive Team for the development of the operating plan priorities 
  • Establish ongoing operational leadership of planning systems and processes aimed at supporting successful initiation and completion of organization-wide initiatives 
  • Establish processes to ensure effective project management and ensuring knowledge and skills transfer  
  • Lead the development of quality and patient safety plans
  • Lead an annual review of quality and patient safety plans

Education and Experience:

  • Master’s Degree in Health Information Management, Health Administration, Business Administration, or related field 
  • Minimum of seven years’ experience in senior management
  • Certification in Lean/Six Sigma and working knowledge of Institute for Health Model for Improvement
  • Certification in Change Management or equivalent demonstrated experience 
  • Current Project Management Professional certification is an asset 
  • CHIM certification is an asset