Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officer

Role Title: Chief Information Officer

Competency Area: Data Quality/Records Management

Competency Level: Master

Related Job Titles: Chief Medical Information Officer; Chief Data Officer

Description of Job: 

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) is a member of the senior executive team who develops incentives, monitors accountability, monitors legislation and regulatory requirements related to information, reviews and enforces governance policies, governance structures, information architectures, data and metadata management and organizational data quality/integrity.  The CIO will provide strategic expertise to leverage organizational information in order to maximize value and minimize risk associated with using and governing information.  He/She will communicate the importance of and spearhead innovative approaches for improving information governance within the organization. 

Job Duties:

  • Lead the organization in its information governance
  • Develop, implement, and monitor information structures, standards, policies, and procedures
  • Create a committee(s) and innovate programs to improve information governance within the organization 
  • Develop the long-term vision and communicate the importance of information governance through informing, advising, training, and educating the Board, senior executive, management, and the members of the organization on using and governing information

Education and Experience:

  • Master’s Degree in health information management, health informatics, health administration, information technology or related area
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience working in the information governance field, IT, or health information management, preferably within the health care industry
  • Demonstrated experience at a senior leadership level
  • CHIM certification is an asset