A message on HIP Week 2020 in regards to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak

Timely access to accurate and relevant health information is particularly vital for Canadians during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. As our health care system continues to monitor and act on the spread of the virus, we want to ensure the safety of our members, national team, and the general public. 

CHIMA believes that raising awareness of the work that health information professionals do is important for the public to understand. We know that your focus right now is not on attending events—it is on achieving outcomes and supporting quality care. To this end, we advise that any HIP Week 2020 activities should be postponed until further notice.  

We hope the proper support systems are being put in place to help ease the burden on both your work and personal lives. An outbreak of this size may take its toll, and your own health should not be forgotten. Thank you for the work you are doing to impact the lives of Canadians and please take good care.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed of any further updates.  


Jeff Nesbitt, MBA

CEO, CHIMA | Registrar, CCHIM




HIP Week recognizes the professionals who ensure Canadians' health information is accurate, accessible, and relevant. 


You're in an elevator and someone asks what you do for a living. It's easy for people to understand industries like law, technology, or finance. But as a health information professional, what do you say? We promised to come up with a variety of succinct replies for you, also known as elevator pitches. The next time you're asked this question, you'll be equipped with a quick reply and a confident presence. Scan this QR code with the camera on your phone to submit your health information story to CHIMA!
Here's an alternative link to choose your elevator pitch. 


We have a small national team, and are looking to all of our members to help spread the word across Canada about HIP Week 2020. Our CEO, Jeff Nesbitt, often uses the analogy that an association membership is like a gym membership—the more often you show up, the greater the benefits will be. 

Show up by volunteering with your local chapter

Connect with other health information professionals by joining a chapter committee! They typically meet online, and spend approximately 3-4 hours each month with volunteer efforts, like planning chapter educations days or webinars for our members. Applications are being accepted at this time. In order to submit your name as a volunteer, we need to collect some brief information about you and your experience. Apply here

Show up on social media 

Let’s work together to create a unified voice for health information professionals during HIP Week. Use this toolkit if you’re looking for inspiration for #HIPWEEK20 messages you can share on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. There is also a variety of digital and print resources made available on this page. If you share copy from this media toolkit, please do so in its entirety and attribute it to CHIMA using the provided links. Thank you in advance! 



Show up by sharing this health information video 

Share this video URL to help your network better understand the role and value of health information.

Show up by educating people on the upcoming HIM Conference 2020

Tickets will be launching soon for the HIM Conference 2020: Collected + Curated, presented by CHIMA. For more details, please watch our new video and share it with your network. 

Use this link to play the conference information video at your event:;loop=1
You can select the full-screen icon, and this video will automatically repeat. 
Visit for all conference-related information. 

Show up by nominating a colleague for a 2020 Pinnacle Award 

The Pinnacle Awards are annual accolades that celebrate the excellence, dedication, and commitment of members who have made significant contributions to enriching CHIMA membership and the health information management field as a whole. If you have a friend, colleague, employee, or manager who demonstrates excellence, dedication, and service to the Association and/or the health information profession, recognize them with a Pinnacle Award nomination. Coming soon 

Show up by submitting a project abstract to the Canadian College of Health Information Management

Project abstract submissions will soon be open. If you have an individual or organization-wide research project that you would like to highlight across Canada, we encourage you to get involved. Topic areas include: data quality, leadership, the electronic health record, privacy, information governance, health equity, or technology. 
This year the College will be reviewing project abstracts and selecting 10 finalists from across Canada. These finalists will receive a discount to the HIM 2020 Conference, Collected + Curated, presented by CHIMA. Their abstracts will be published online for one year, with a CPE credit component available for professional members who review them. The top 3 finalists will receive a day pass to the conference and will be asked to present on the main stage! We hope this sparks interest and look forward to sharing more details soon. Coming soon 

Show up by submitting photos

Email your photos to if you'd like to see them featured. One important caveat: please make sure you have permission. Submit here 

Show up by sharing a story

We love hearing about the impact that health information professionals have on the lives of Canadians. If you have a memorable story to share across the country, let us know! Perhaps something incredible happened in an organization, like improvements or a discovery. Or maybe a person's health care journey was impacted by the work of health information professionals. Big or small, we want to hear it.
Here's an alternative link to share your health information story. 

Thank you for your involvement in Health Information Professionals Week 2020!



We hope that by reaching out to both CHIMA members and the industry at large, we will be able to choose 2021 dates for Health Information Professionals (HIP) Week that appeal to most Canadians. Please ensure your voice is heard by filling out this brief survey



You are welcome to print these posters to place them around your organization.

HIP Week 2020



What your health information is 



Who health information professionals are 



Why certification matters





Place this tent card on the tables at your event. 



Print this postcard if you'd like a handout for people inquiring about HIP Week. 


Add these QR codes if you'd like to point people to our HIP Week 2020 forms.