0166 HICA practice examination

0166 HICA practice examination

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Welcome to the Health Information-Certified Associate (HICA) practice examination.

This practice exam is developed to support candidates in their preparation for the Health Information-Certified Associate (HICA) national certification examination (NCE). Participants should gain confidence writing the HICA NCE by practicing in a similar testing environment.

Copyright © 2023 by Canadian College of Health Information Management. All rights reserved. No part of this practice examination may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means.

Practice exam format

There are 5 separate examinations. Each exam consists of 10 multiple choice questions based on the 5 practice areas:

  1. Clinical knowledge
  2. Professionalism in health care
  3. Health care office management
  4. Health care technology
  5. Health care system

Each question is displayed on a separate page. All 5 examinations must be completed to access and review the results of the practice exam.

This practice examination includes:

  • Unlimited, timed attempts
  • Questions that are randomized and peer-reviewed by College-certified professionals
  • Ability to return to previous questions before submission
  • View results to learn about the correct answers

Important note: The College’s HICA NCE will not have the same questions as the practice examination.

Starting the examination

Please navigate to the HICA NCE below to navigate to the examination.

Please report any technical issues to [email protected].

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