Community-generated content

Community-generated content

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Community-generated content provides the Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA) community with a wide lens into the health information profession and beyond. The following guidelines/rules provide direction to content creators and ensure the proper representation of the CHIMA brand.

CHIMA reserves the right to refuse content that is deemed to conflict with these guidelines/rules.

Spirit and purpose

  • The purpose of content distributed by CHIMA is to engage and deliver value to its audiences (e.g., students, professionals, educators).
  • CHIMA community content should be actionable and encourage members to learn, think critically, collaborate, participate, or attend.
  • There should be a clear purpose or qualification behind the content being shown to CHIMA audiences (e.g., outcome or call to action).
  • The timeliness of content should match the pace of this fast-moving industry.

Multi-topical and multidisciplinary

  • The health information industry is broad and continually evolving. Community content should reflect this and cover a multitude of topics of interest to the health information community.
  • Community content is an opportunity to showcase the industry’s knowledge and interests beyond what is traditionally reported on. We encourage you to explore content that is on the fringe of ‘traditional’ health information (e.g., technology, business, law, leadership, or insurance).

Content guidelines

  • All content will be edited to adhere to CHIMA’s editorial style guidelines.
  • Content must be thoughtful, not divisive. CHIMA will not publish content that is inflammatory in nature or uses ‘us vs them’ language.
  • Content may include high quality images and/or videos, so long as they adhere to the below copyright rules and receive appropriate citation.
  • Content should be accessible to all participants.

Research-based knowledge

This is the industry that provides truth to health information. As such:

  • Content must emphasize research-backed information that has undergone scrutiny by experts in the field.
  • Content must specifically identify the basis for any factual claims and the evidence for them.
  • Content must not misuse scientific or medical language to make unsubstantiated claims.

Advertising guidelines

  • Content that promotes the author or speaker’s own products, books, or businesses, or those of a company that employs them, must be visibly identified as a sponsorship. This content will be marked as ‘sponsored’, ‘advertisement’, or ‘advertorial.’

Copyright & rights usage

  • All content must be in compliance with Canadian copyright law.
  • Content that uses copyrighted material will not be published if the appropriate permissions have not been secured.
  • Any use of the CHIMA logo or name should adhere to the CHIMA brand guidelines and be approved prior to use.
  • All content contributors must sign the CHIMA content and media release form
  • Parties external to CHIMA will be given proper attribution for works submitted.