Strategic plan request for proposal

Strategic plan request for proposal

CHIMA strategic planning 2023–2026

The Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA) includes affiliated entities, the Canadian College of Health Information Management (College) and CHIM Information Consulting Inc. (collectively, the “Organization”).

The Organization, which is national in scope and focused on health information (, is developing a strategic plan for 2023–2026 and is accepting bids to find a qualified firm to support phases one and two of the strategic planning framework.

The goals with these phases are:

  1. Design the strategic planning methodology in collaboration with the Organization (phase one)
  2. Engage with the Organization’s stakeholders and present insights to the Organization (phase two)
  3. Inform the Organization’s FY23 operating plan based on the consultative engagement (phase two)
  4. Develop strategic measures for an agile refresh of the Organization’s current strategic plan and future strategic plan for 2023–2026 (phase two)

The objective of this request for proposal (RFP) is to select a firm (e.g., company, individual, etc.) that will provide the best overall value to the Organization. While cost is a significant factor, other criteria will form the basis of this decision, as more fully described in the evaluation factors section of this RFP.

To request the RFP, express interest and upload your bid, please reference the steps below.

Bidding process

Submission deadline for firm(s)February 1, 2021
The Organization anticipates selecting at least two firms to have
more in-depth discussions with
February 1–19, 2021
Lead firm identified and negotiations beginMarch 5, 2021


Susan Anderson
Chair, Governance Committee
Monique Rasmussen
Chair, Board of Directors
Jeff Nesbitt
CEO & Registrar

Request full RFP & submit bid

Please follow the two steps at the bottom of this page to access the full RFP and submit a bid.


Current strategic plan 2018-2023

CHIMA Strategic Plan

Web references

Please note the differentiation between CHIMA and the College, referencing the terminology and purpose of each brand.

Education session: Reigniting interest in health information

As the practice of health information evolves, so, too, does the way health care, the Canadian public, and private organizations view it. This session will showcase how a modern, value-based perspective on health information can help to communicate the true value of certified health information professionals.

Step 1: Express interest by accessing the full RFP

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Step 2: Upload a bid

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