The CHIMA Board of Directors are proud to present the renewed Strategic Plan for 2018-2021. The plan will guide us on our journey towards, growth and excellence. The plan also supports the sustainability of the HIM® profession, the membership, the Association, and the College.
Throughout our 75 years, CHIMA has achieved dramatic advancement and growth. The 2018-2021 Strategic Plan outlines our renewed mission, vision, values, goals and areas of focus. As we build on our strengths and areas of opportunity, action plans will emerge from the stated goals and areas of focus.

This plan is guided by The Canadian HIM Lifecycle© and industry advancements today and into the future. The CHMA leadership team and staff will develop and implement annual works plans, that are in-line with achieving the strategic plan, outlining specific activities and targets, along with the necessary metrics to measure progress. We are extremely confident that the plan will achieve further growth and advancement. We look forward to our future and continuing success! We invite you to join us as we embark on this amazing journey!!

We trust you share our excitement about the launch of the renewed CHIMA Strategic Plan, and encourage you to review the Strategic Plan 2018-2021 video and the full version of the Strategic Plan today!

Click below to view or download the full high-resolution version of the 2018-21 CHIMA Strategic Plan

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