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004418 Redesigning Clinical Workflow for the EHR

Workflow analysis and design plays an important role in the implementation of EHR systems as it supports streamlining and organizing the process. Because of their understanding of the flow and uses of information in their facility and how individuals and organizations work together, HIM professionals are well positioned to perform workflow analysis to support the smooth implementation of EHR systems.

004016 Mentorship

This PPB will discuss the topic of mentoring, specifically its application to the HIM profession as a platform for skill and knowledge sharing. The target audience is members of the HIM profession; however, mentoring relationships are often established outside the HIM domains.



003112 HIM Role in Patient Safety and Quality of Care

The data used in the research and the ongoing measures of data quality are within the scope of practice of the HIM® professional. The Health Information Management (HIM®) professional functions in many roles to support those involved in quality care and safety. This Professional Practice Brief will identify some of the organizations and their role in promoting and supporting quality safe care. The second half of the Brief outlines the role of the HIM® to support the numerous initiatives.
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Image 4 003514 Mobile Computing

Mobile device use offers many benefits to patient care and the healthcare system as a whole, but also presents new challenges. This PPB discusses both benefits and challenges related to the rapidly increasing use of mobile devices in healthcare.
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The Decision Support Bundle includes the following 3 PPBs and accompanying quizzes:

Image 5 004317 Balanced Scorecard

This PPB describes what a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is and how it is utilized and evaluated. A step-by-step model on how to develop a BSC is included as well as samples for the user of the PPB to review. The role of the HIM professional in Balanced Scorecard creation and use is also included.
004116 Big Data/Data Analytics

This PPB outlines definitions of Big Data and provides highlights on the potential uses and users of Big Data and Data Analytics. It includes examples of applications and the skills required for those working with Big Data and Data Analytics. It highlights the skill set a HIM professional has and those they could build upon to support roles in these two areas.
003916 Utilization Management

The reality of health care is rising costs. Utilization Management (UM) is increasingly important to address the paramount importance of balancing costs and quality health care. This PPB will concentrate on UM as it pertains to acute care. Key areas of concern for an effective UM program will be examined, including: Appropriateness of admission, Length of stay, Conservable bed days, Readmission rates, Discharge planning, Alternate level of Care, and Wait times.
The Honing HIM Skills Bundle includes the following 3 PPB's and accompanying quizzes:

003212 Research-Brief Overview-What is research?

This PPB is intended to highlight what research is and how HIM professionals can be involved. The document discusses the types of research, associated paradigms, and tools as well as the basic steps to the research process.
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003R16 Data for Secondary Use

There is a perception that it is permissible to access and uses data for secondary purposes if an individual/organization ‘owns’ the media. Linking, sharing, and retrieving information has been made easier by technology in that it can be transmitted, shared, and leveraged for a myriad of purposes to multiple users more quickly. This PPB discusses secondary use of health data considering key factors including the status of the data in the context of a legal record; the de-identification of data; contracts and business arrangements, provincial/federal laws; and the right of the individual about whom the data is collected.
003715 Naming Clinical Forms

It is no secret that technological advances have dramatically changed the business of health care delivery and administration. This PPB on Naming Clinical Forms discusses one facility's experience in this area and highlights the value of the HIM skill set in supporting the process.
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