0158 Solving data quality issues across Canada


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In this recorded session, 3terra shared lessons learned from some of the most challenging data quality problems they’ve encountered over many hospital projects and regional analytical initiatives. They also explored pitfalls they’ve seen and practical techniques to help avoid them.




Akeela Jamal, MBA, CHIM Akeela is an accomplished leader with over 20 years of health care experience, spanning public and private sectors. She is currently the CEO for 3terra, a leading hospital analytics software provider in Canada. Akeela effectively supports providers and engages stakeholders facing complex clinical, financial, operational, and other health care data challenges.

Richard Obuhowich, BEng

Richard has spent the past 15 years focused on improving the quality of analytics within healthcare. He has led some of the most complex projects for Ontario hospitals, finding new ways to extract true value from administrative and clinical data.

Matt Goertz, BMath

Matt has 15 years of experience working with hospital data and developing analytical solutions in healthcare. He now leads 3terra’s client success team and, with the help of hospitals across Ontario, designs and continually improves software offerings to meet the complex challenges of Canadian health care.

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