Privacy Awareness Week 2021

Privacy Awareness Week 2021

Welcome to Privacy Awareness Week, sponsored by CIHI

As we navigate through a global pandemic, the importance of accurate and protected health data is a hot topic: from virtual meetings to dinner table discussions. And whether it’s COVID-19 contact-tracing apps today or vaccination rollouts tomorrow, the health information profession is directly involved. We are the guardians of Canadians’ health information and Privacy Awareness Week is a time to learn more about how we are protecting that information.

Snooping on patients could cost you your reputation and/or career.

It can also lead to a combination of College disciplinary action, fines, penalties, or civil lawsuits.

Emerging Privacy Management Practices in Health Care

Learn about privacy awareness, release of information (ROI), access and disclosure, security/cybersecurity, and breach management in this 5-part series led by Jean L. Eaton, a Certified Health Information Management (CHIM) professional, and privacy awareness training facilitator. Environment overviews are shared throughout the series along with new opportunities for health information professionals in both traditional and emerging roles. By keeping current with these trends, health information professionals will be better prepared to assume new roles within privacy management.

HIP Week 2020 passes are still on sale

HIP Week 2020 pass

Learn from TECHNATION about their health privacy and security framework for Canadian health care; or from Blackberry about cybersecurity and artificial intelligence in health care. Also, check out our interview with Yukon’s first full-time Ombudsman and Information and Privacy Commissioner Diane McLeod-McKay.A total of 27 CPE credits can be earned if you are a CHIMA professional member.

Passes include:

  • 5 keynote sessions
  • 5 fireside chats on various health information-related topics
  • 10 interviews conducted by CHIMA chapter committees from coast to coast to coast
  • 10 additional education sessions

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The Canadian College of Health Information Management
is committed to publishing student-led research

Student research papers

Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy students taking the JSGS 856 course were asked to write an opinion-based critical commentary or comparative analysis on a substantive information privacy topic in health or health care.

Hospital Architectural Design and Physical Privacy:
An Exploration of Shortcomings

The following research paper showcases Elizabeth Ciavaglia’s graduate student paper, Hospital Architectural Design and Physical Privacy: An Exploration of Shortcomings.

The Emergence of Biometric Technology in Healthcare: Patient Privacy and Data Protection Concerns

The following research paper showcases Shalini Gambhir’s graduate student paper, The Emergence of Biometric Technology in Healthcare: Patient Privacy and Data Protection Concerns

View our additional privacy-related resources

Featured professional practice brief & quiz

The Canadian Health Information Management Lifecycle

This resource will provide a framework to help answer the following questions:

What is the legal health record in a hybrid or electronic environment?
How is information protected, shared, and exchanged across jurisdictions?
How are data quality and data integrity maintained when data is collected from a number of different sources and devices?
Who is the custodian of the health record in a shared environment?

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