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A new ‘CHAPTER’ in the story of CHIMA.

Over the last several months, the Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA), in conjunction with each Provincial Association, has made tremendous progress in moving forward to a new model of shared governance, i.e. a National Association with Chapters. This is a monumental event for CHIMA, the Canadian College of Health Information Management (CCHIM), the Health Information Management (HIM®) profession and the health care industry. This collaboration and change in model will see the HIM profession and the industry continue to thrive and build on its past heritage. The development of this new Chapter Model will allow for a more inclusive, equitable and collaborative approach, accessible by all HIM professionals across Canada.

It is extremely important to formally acknowledge the important and valuable role, contribution and accomplishment of each Provincial Association since their establishment. Starting in 1949 the first Letters Patent for Health Record Technician (HRT) was secured in Ontario. From that time forward all Provinces applied for separate Letters Patent to form ten (10) Provincial Associations. It is through their membership and active participation on the National Health Information Management Alliance (NHIMA) over the years that we were able to overcome barriers and challenges to move to this new and exciting model. We wish to thank every Provincial Association for their support, insight and collaboration and for their strong support and acceptance of the Chapter Model. This exciting collaboration will better support the Health Information Management profession and industry at the provincial, regional and national levels. 

As CHIMA members, you will receive a variety of communications over the next few months as we move forward with developing and operationalizing each Chapter. This is the first of many updates and notices intended to provide you with all the information you may need.

What are the Chapters?

The CHIMA Board of Directors, in collaboration with NHIMA, has defined the Chapters and their boundaries. The nine Chapters recognize each Province and Territory in one of the established geographic boundaries. In some instances, a Chapter may include more than one Province/Territory. 

The geographic chapters are: 

  • British Columbia & Yukon Chapter 
  • Alberta & Northwest Territories Chapter 
  • Saskatchewan Chapter
  • Manitoba & Nunavut Chapter
  • Ontario Chapter
  • Québec Chapter1
  • New Brunswick Chapter
  • Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island Chapter
  • Newfoundland & Labrador Chapter

These chapters governed by a Chapter Advisory Council, reporting to the CHIMA Board of Directors, together with nine Chapter Committees, will form an essential and fundamental component of CHIMA.

What does this mean to you? 

CHIMA will assign each of its individual members to one of the nine Chapters according to the member’s registered Province or Territory in which they reside, as per their office or home address contained in the CHIMA database. When a CHIMA member resides outside of Canada, he/she will be assigned to a Chapter by CHIMA. 

Chapter member types will mirror the current CHIMA member types and include: Certified, Student, Affiliate, Retired and Honourary.

What’s Happening Now?

The CHIMA Executive Office staff are working hard to develop and implement all the necessary policies, guidelines, processes and legal/financial changes that will be necessary to ensure the Chapters are in place and operational by March 1, 2016 – just a short six months away. This includes: 

  • Rebranding of CHIMA and the Chapters: As we continue to grow CHIMA and the CHIMA Chapter Model, we have embarked on a rebranding exercise to reinforce and strengthen the profession as a progressive and influential Association. By October 1st, CHIMA will unveil a new logo and associated branding and marketing materials. This branding has been specifically designed to incorporate recognition of each of the new Chapters and will be a demonstration of our combined strength and resources, and the organization’s growth and vision. 

  • Increased Continuing Professional Education (CPE) events: A key benefit as a member of CHIMA and your Chapter will be an increased number of CPE sessions and other networking opportunities. Many of these events will be offered at no charge to members in order to support your on-going professional development and education on topics that are relevant to you at the local and provincial levels.

  • Blended Membership Dues: Throughout the year CHIMA and the College has made it a priority to be visible and accessible to our members, the provincial associations and Ministries of Health. The Board of Directors, along with the Executive Office staff, conducted extensive research to establish a fair and equitable blended fee, which will provide our members with one convenient new blended fee. With increased opportunities for continuing professional education, as well as additional services provided to each Chapter and the infrastructure changes necessary to support the new Model, the CHIMA Board of Directors has approved a $49 Chapter fee commencing in the 2016/17 membership year for certified members. In October, you will receive your CHIMA membership renewal invoice reflecting the new blended fee. It is important to note that the base membership dues from CHIMA of $276.71 have not increased for next year. The total invoice will be $276.71 + $49.00 ($325.71) plus applicable taxes. We recognize that the blended fee may be a significant increase for those members who have, in the past, chosen not to belong to their current provincial HIM association; however we trust that you will greatly benefit from the combined resources and strength of the new National Association and Chapter Model. 

  • Development of Chapter Requirements Manual: CHIMA Executive Office staff has developed a Chapter Requirement Manual that outlines the framework, policies and processes for the operation of the new Chapters. In the coming weeks and months, CHIMA staff will be working with NHIMA and each of the current provincial association executives to implement these policies and processes, including the formation of the new Chapter Committees and their governance structures. In addition, the work is on-going to transition the current association legal and financial structures to the CHIMA Chapter Model.

The CHIMA Board of Directors, senior leadership team and staff, together with the NHIMA and Provincial Association Executive, are all very excited about the new Chapter Model and its initiatives and are confident that this will result in a stronger, more effective and efficient Association for all of its members across Canada. We are confident that each of you shares our enthusiasm and excitement.

All for One, One for All! 

1 AGISQ (provincial association) is not a member of NHIMA and will not be restructured into the Chapter Model at this time.

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