Rebranding and Advocating for the Association,
College and Profession

Taking the Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA)
and the Canadian College of Health Information Management (CCHIM) to greater heights!

Submitted by:
Gail Crook, CHE, CHIM – CEO & Registrar CHIMA
Kathleen Addison, CHIM – Chair Board of Directors

As we continue to grow the Association and College, gain a stronger national voice and grow into a more inclusive, equitable and collaborative Association with the introduction of the CHIMA Chapter Model, CHIMA has embarked on a new visual rebranding exercise. Our new brand will reinforce and strengthen the Association, College and Profession as progressive, influential, credible subject matter experts in Health Information Management (HIM®) as we continue to advocate for the profession. The new brand, featured in this newsletter, supports the Association and College, as well as individual Chapters. It consists of a unique symbol that represents the collaborative nature and unified structure of the new CHIMA Model.

You will also soon see other materials, such as stationery, publication templates, and other promotional pieces developed to support the new brand. Brand guidelines will be provided soon to enable each Chapter to implement the new brand easily and cost effectively.

new logosCHIMA’s Board of Directors is committed to engaging you the members, and in being transparent with timely communication. Over the next month you will receive a number of communications from the Board of Directors as we move forward to implement the Chapter Model. For more information on the Chapter Model – see article here.

In collaboration with the rebranding exercise, CHIMA continues to enhance, evolve and grow the Health Information Management (HIM) profession, and pave a new and enlightened pathway across an ever changing landscape. Through a strong advocacy campaign, CHIMA has met with and educated each Provincial Ministry of Health across Canada over the past 12 months on the value-add of the HIM professional. Your Board of Directors and Executive Staff have profiled CHIMA/CCHIM and its many valuable members that are the very foundation of the HIM profession to Deputy Ministers, Assistant Deputy Ministers, Policy Makers, and key HIM Stakeholders.

During these presentations, many of the key projects and initiatives, currently underway by CHIMA/CCHIM on behalf of the health care industry, were highlighted including Workforce Transformation, the HIM Lifecycle Standards; and the four (4) advanced certifications (Terminology Standards, Clinical Coding, Clinical Documentation Improvement; and Decision Support). For more information on these initiatives and advanced certifications please access the 2014/15 Accountability Report.

At each meeting, CHIMA/CCHIM were applauded for their forward thinking, and commitment to advancing data quality, HIM standards, and analytics on behalf of the health care industry. Each Ministry has expressed that quality data is essential to improving health care, outcomes and efficiencies, and to advance health care funding models, being adopted by Ministries of Health. 

In addition, each Ministry representative acknowledged the impact that HIM’s have in mitigating risk, and providing quality data. They further recognized the importance of having only certified HIM professionals to code in National Databases. The Ministries also expressed concern regarding the key findings outlined in the recent HI/HIM Sector Study. These findings have also been echoed in other Workforce Reports, including the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) 2014 Workforce Study and the Health Information Management Association of Australia (HIMAA) Health Information Workforce Report.

Our foundation has been cast and our future is bright as we grow through collaboration, and work together to enhance the value and benefits of the profession to you our members, and strengthen our footprint in the health information management sector.

New logos for the
Association and the College.