29th Annual Health Information Professionals (HIP) Week
Thank You for Celebrating With Us!

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff, CHIMA would like to extend a sincere thank you to all members who participated in this year’s HIP Week!

Your support in celebrating HIP Week helps to shine the light on the thousands of Health Information Management professionals who perform their duties masterfully throughout the year.

During this professional celebratory week, CHIMA members from the across the country, honoured the HIM profession by spreading awareness on the vital role they play in providing accurate and reliable data to support patient care and overall organizational performance. Many members took advantage of the online-suggested activities, presentations, articles, posters, and promotional items, to aid in promoting this celebratory week.

Those CHIMA members who captured their activities during HIP Week in the form of a video or picture(s), and shared them with CHIMA, were entered into a draw for a chance to win a copy of The Canadian HIM Lifecycle. CHIMA is delighted to announce that Suzanne Luciani, CHIM was the Contest Winner!

HIP Week is a great way to reflect on one’s professional career!

It is important to take the time to look back on past successes, roads travelled, professional growth and to celebrate accomplishments!

Therefore, CHIMA would like to extend a special thank you by shining a spotlight on the following members/organizations:

HIP Week Celebration at Northern Health Authority-Prince George, BC

From left to right: Kait Greer, Heather Nelson, Lisa Wisted, Laurie Ratcliffe

CHIMA Members, from Northern Health Authority, celebrated by:

  • Putting posters everywhere in their building advertising that it was HIP week.
  • Sending two different mass emails (at two different times) advertising HIP week, what HIM means, what HIMs do, and what the future will/may bring.
  • Hosted a two-hour session highlighting the three videos from CHIMA website.
  • Hosted a Q&A session.
  • Held a draw; entry into the draw consisted of answering questions / information obtained from our widely distributed posters.

When someone expressed an interest or asked for more information, they were provided with the CHIMA website with links, as well as possible schools they could look into.

HIP Week Celebration at Southlake Regional Health Centre- Newmarket, ON

Standing (Left to right): Noreen Ansari, Dorothy Macivor, Michelle Snow, Carolyn Genser, April Reynolds-Scott, Anita Rogers, and Wendy Ferguson. Seated: Barbara Stanek, Manager
Photography credit: Anna Wywial

Beginning March 11, coders and analysts, from Southlake Regional Health Centre, were invited to include the HIP Week logo as part of their corporate email signature to help raise awareness in advance of the celebration week and continued using the logo through the end of this week.

On March 19, members from Southlake Regional Health Centre placed an announcement about the booth they would host in the lobby area (Mon-Tue-Wed from 11am to 1pm). Coding staff “manned” the booth, featuring the CHIMA poster and materials, a laptop to view the CHIMA videos, and a copy of the CIHI Coding Standards! Folio was also installed on the laptop to demonstrate how they search and assign the diagnosis and intervention codes.

There were several visitors to the booth, including staff from other departments and hospital visitors, who were interested to learn what we do and why it matters! If someone expressed interest in how to become a HIM professional, they were referred to the CHIMA website and were informed about the accredited institutions offering the HIM program.

HIP Week activities were well received and prompted congratulatory messages (email/card) from hospital leadership, along with a personal visit to their department.

“All-in-all, it has been a terrific week and the activities were a great way to celebrate our profession and raise awareness of HIM - we hope our colleagues across the country have enjoyed their celebrations and look forward to hearing the stories they share. Many thanks to CHIMA for providing the wonderful HIP Week poster and materials for this week’s celebration.” 

HIP Week Celebration at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences-ON

To celebrate HIP week, the Health Information Management staff at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences displayed the CHIMA posters from the website in the waiting area and on office doors. In addition, they purchased balloons and had a potluck lunch this week to say, "Thanks for the great team work" and to look back on accomplishments.

Go CHIMA members!

HIP Week Celebration at Lloydminster Hospital-Lloydminster Saskatchewan Health Authority

Left to right: Josie Kula-Leyen, Xianyun Guo, Tonia Wall, Rushikkumar Patel, Robyn Walsh.

Certified Health Information Management Professionals at the Lloydminster Hospital planned a day to celebrate and recognize HIP week at their hospital this year. They chose Thursday as their celebration day, and the staff set up display in our hospital in a location where they could promote the profession to both staff and the public.

Their display included the presentation of; The Facts – HIP week presentation as provided by CHIMA.  Staff made up an information sheet for the public on how they can access their personal health information. Coding is always difficult to explain to the public or other professionals so in order to use an example; the staff used five of the top codes from their Emergency department and displayed them on balloons with the appropriate diagnosis below.

Over the lunch hour, this display was set up in the cafeteria for staff. They prepared a 5-question quiz on health information for staff to do and any staff that completed the quiz were entered into a draw for a water bottle.

They completed their celebration with lunch and a cake shared in our department.

HIP Week Celebration at Providence Healthcare-Toronto ON

HIM Team: Nargis (left), Khadija, Atsuko (middle) and Melissa (right)

The HIM team at Providence Healthcare, Toronto, ON, were very delighted to celebrate HIP Week this year! They first promoted the week by sending a hospital wide email to make everyone aware of the upcoming celebratory week. For the entire week, they displayed a poster board with information on HIM, at the front entrance to the department. In the middle of the week, the team celebrated with lunch and cupcakes. They also recognized their physicians by sending chocolates and a thank you card. At the end of the week, they also sent a thank you email to the entire hospital.

Continue The Celebration past HIP week!

Have you seen the Spotlight on HIM opportunities presentations? Why not consider the opportunity to do one yourself so students and others in the profession can learn about the broad spectrum of work done by HIM professionals. If you are interested, please contact paula.weisflock@echima.ca

Stay tuned for more details around HIP Week 2019!