CPE Cycle Ending (March 2016 – February 2019) 

If your CPE cycle ended February 28, 2019, please take this opportunity to log in to the member’s only section of the CHIMA website and begin tracking your sessions.

To continue to use the CHIM designation, all active CHIMA members must participate in the mandatory CPE program as defined by the governing regulations.

The electronic Continuing Professional Education (CPE) tracking tool is available in the member’s only section of the CHIMA website. Members do not need to submit supporting documents to CHIMA unless chosen for audit. In addition to using the online tracking tool, all members should keep support materials for three years (e.g. if your credit cycle ended in February 2019, those documents should be stored and maintained until March 2022). If you are randomly selected for audit, we will notify you and advise which documents you need to submit, how, when, and to whom.

If you have any questions regarding the CPE policy, please contact Alisha Peto, Coordinator of Special Projects, CPE, and Re-Certification.

Thank you!