CHIMA is pleased to provide another update about the CHIMA Chapter Model being launched in time for the 2016-17 membership year.

As a profession, our time is now. The CHIMA Chapter model is a progressive structure that will enable us to be consistent and unified; to continue to evolve and advance the profession; and to better serve and support the needs of all members. CHIMA has a responsibility to do what’s in the best interests of its members and to ensure the profession advances with the industry. CHIMA is creating a national professional association structure that promotes, supports, and focuses on all members and their needs at local, provincial, regional and national levels.

The CHIMA Chapter Model structure will be very similar to the CCHL (Canadian College of Health Leaders) structure and will ensure that all CHIMA members are members of their geographic (provincial/territory) chapter. This will be a significant and positive change for all members. New service offerings and benefits will be best achieved with the introduction and adoption of a new and improved CHIMA chapter structure that is unified, integrated and progressive. Some of the benefits include:

  • Numerous new service offerings will be available to members
  • Increased professional development opportunities
  • Automatic membership in the national association and chapter
  • Seamless access to other chapter’s services beyond your own geographic chapter
  • Timely and consistent services & communications
  • Representation and participation at provincial, regional, & national levels.

In June of this year, all Chapters and their members voted for the Chapter Model. We realize this is a major change for the association and we are continuing to work out all of the details. We are committed to keeping all of our members informed as we move through this exciting time of change.

Chapter Model
Information Session
Now Available Online

We are pleased to share the online CHIMA Chapter Model General Membership Information Session to give all of our members a chance to participate. The session is available here on the CHIMA website which all members can listen to at their own leisure. Members will receive one (1) CPE credit for listening to the recorded WebEx information session.

Recent Chapter Correspondence

A Time For Celebration

Important Information for all CHIMA Members re: New Chapter Model

Chapter Model Q&A

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Should you have additional questions after viewing the recorded session, that have not already been addressed in the Q&A document, we ask that you submit your additional questions via email to We will collate all of the questions and post the answers by updating the Q&A document online.

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