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The Sky is the Limit: Setting Big Goals and Achieving Them

Host:   CHIMA
Modality:   Online
Date:   May 01, 2019 - Apr 30, 2020


A series of five, 75-minute webinar sessions comprise this workshop that includes a 15-minute question and answer and discussion period. Between each session, participants have the opportunity to apply the concepts presented through activities that help them develop goals meaningful to their career and/or personal life.  


Dr. Merida Johns is the owner and founding director of The Monarch Center for Women’s Leadership Development, a firm that offers services for coaching and leader development, specializing in women’s leadership development.  This program is designed for anyone interested in leadership development.

Member cost $140.00 plus applicable taxes for the entire 5-part workshop series (only one attendee per registration is permitted).
Non-member cost $170.00 plus applicable taxes for the entire 5-part workshop series (only one attendee per registration is permitted).

Please note:  As all materials are released at once, once registration is complete, there are no refunds.

Members who complete this full series are entitled to claim 8.0 CHIMA credits.  CCHL members are entitled to claim 4 Category II credits towards their maintenance of certification requirement.

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During these super-empowering workshops, you’ll discover:

Webinar Session 1: Goals, Motivation, and Achievement: What Vision has to do with It. Examines the concepts associated with goal setting and the relationship of personal vision, calling and use of personal strengths in the success of goal achievement. Examples and exercises for the development of personal vision are presented.

Week Activity: Identify personal signature and situational strengths through the Values in Action (VIA) survey.

Webinar Session 2: Goal Setting Behaviors and the Goal Setting Cycle. This session looks at behaviors that research shows are foundations for success for achieving goals. A framework, the goal setting cycle, is introduced. Differences between SMART and GREAT goals are examined as well as the role of how positive psychology concepts such as PERMA can be used to help support goal making.

Week Activity: Benchmarking goal-setting behavior assessment using the “9 Things Diagnostic” and Goal Orientation Assessment. Development of BHAGs (pronounced bee-hag, short for "Big Hairy Audacious Goals").

Webinar Session 3: Vision, Action, and Success Together: Vision-Action and Success Boards. Introduces the concepts underpinning vision-action and success boards and reviews the logistics of developing these. Goal evaluation criteria are reviewed and used to assess BHAGs developed.

Week Activity: Organize, categorize, evaluate, and prioritize goals BHAGs. Develop Vision-Action Board.

Webinar Session 4: Developing Simple Steps and Accountabilities for High-Priority Goals Concept of simple steps toward goal achievement is examined and a framework for implementing simple steps is introduced.

Week Activity: Identify simple steps for one to three priority goals and use simple step framework for establishing a timeline and accountabilities.

Webinar Session 5: Support for Goal Achievement: Achieving goals doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Introduces the development of a support system and accountabilities to help keep on track with goals. Time is allocated for participants to develop a plan for their personal support system.

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