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Your Inner Leader

Host:   CHIMA
Modality:   Online
Date:   May 01, 2019 - Apr 30, 2020
Location:   An online series, which you can review when it is convenient for you, of five workshops facilitated by Karanne Lambton to guide you in developing "Your Inner Leader."


The "Your Inner Leader" program is made up of 5 sessions which are available at your leisure. 
Each session is 60-minutes and includes approximately 15 minutes of questions that were asked when the series ran live.

Member cost $140.00 plus applicable taxes for the entire 5-part workshop series (only one attendee per registration is permitted).
Non-member cost $170.00 plus applicable taxes for the entire 5-part workshop series (only one attendee per registration is permitted).

CPE:  By completing the whole program, individuals are entitled to earn 8 CPEs.

Please note:  Full access to all 5 modules and all materials is provided when you register, therefore refunds are not available.

If you are a CHIMA member please use your email address on record with us, as this is your unique identifier. Any other email will generate a duplicate record that we are unable to tie into your CPE credits.
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During these super-empowering workshops, you’ll discover:

Session 1 The Confident You
• How to create a fertile garden for your budding confidence.
• How to eliminate your doubts and fears.
• 4 ways to deeply increase your confidence.
• How your past is limiting your present results.
• What makes you feel confident so you can live a rich, fulfilling, and Confident You! life.
• How to tap into your inner strength to help you stretch out of your comfort zone, take more risks, and live more fully.
• Sustainability practices to maintain the new, Confident You!

Session 2 Courage, Risk, and Reward
• The most crippling habits you have…and how to ELIMINATE them…
• How you can STOP SABOTAGING YOURSELF RIGHT NOW and start reaping greater rewards…
• The top 5 PITFALLS people face when confronted by the unknown…and how YOU can avoid them…
• A new perspective on risk that will have you embracing it with optimism and hope, instead of fear and dread…
• The #1 thing that separates those who accomplish their dreams from those who live with regret…
• How to INSTANTLY shift your perspective to take more empowering chances…

Session 3 Emotional Smarts
• The five domains of Emotional Intelligence that impact your everyday life and relationships.
• The one secret strategy to strengthening your EQ so you can effectively navigate through your emotions.
• How to become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions in every situation or setting.
• The exact tactics you can use to create more personal success.
• How to manage our social skills so that we can more effectively live and work with others.

Session 4 Happiness – Great Day, Every Day
• The top 5 things that are clouding your happiness
• How to eliminate negativity and start healing any lingering sadness
• A simple 3-step process to reverse a negative spiral and put you back on track to TRUE happiness
• How to custom design your own happy life - not just a few fleeting moments
• A surprising way to find happiness, anywhere at any time
• 12 proven ways to naturally increase your dopamine & serotonin.

Session 5 Work/Life Balance
• What work/life balance means to you and how to make necessary changes without everything falling through the cracks.
• What your current level of satisfaction is in all areas of your life and how to increase it a few notches right now.
• The consequences of living an imbalanced lifestyle, and how to make important changes…before it is too late.
• How the choices you make influence your level of balance and how to make healthy choices despite your daily demands.
• How you can develop a plan that will move you toward the balanced life you desire.

Workshop Series presented by Karanne Lambton, CHIM, CLMC 

As a Canadian health information management professional, Karanne provides visionary leadership in the dynamic healthcare industry, providing senior leadership and consulting services in health information management, information technologies, and information governance.

As a certified Life Mastery Consultant, Karanne is a trainer, mentor, and coach to individuals across the country, creating positive and transforming change in their careers and their lives using a process that accelerates their results and creates a rich and fulfilling life.

Make this webinar series a component part of your personal journey to fulfill your leadership potential! This series is appropriate for all levels - from the new graduate just beginning their career to the established professional who is seeking to hit the refresh button.



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